12 months in prison for an American accused of a double crime in La Guayiga


SANTO DOMINGO, RD.- The judge of the Judicial Office of Permanent Attention of the Santo Domingo Oeste municipality, Joan Rodríguez, ordered a year of preventive detention as a measure of coercion against Dylan Ortiz, accused in the murder of the spouses Luis Miguel Jáquez Rodríguez and Elizabeth Almarante Pacheco, who lived in La Guáyiga.


“I came to show my face,” Dylan said after the measure was imposed while he was transferred to the Santo Domingo Oeste Prosecutor’s Office jail.


By order of the judge, who will declare the case complex, Dylan will be taken to the Najayo-Men’s Correction and Rehabilitation Center.

Ortiz’s lawyer, Julio Benzán, declared that the most convincing proof that his representative has nothing to do with this crime is that, as a US citizen, he traveled from Miami to defend himself against the accusation.

“He took a private flight and came to the Dominican Republic to face the facts,” said Benzán, adding that his defense does not know a street in the Dominican Republic.

The Public Ministry says it has evidence that Ortiz was captured by the security cameras of a supermarket branch in Boca Chica when he was buying the materials used to torture and take the life of the couple found tied up in a septic tank, ten days after your demise.

Ortiz’s legal representative called on the US embassy in Santo Domingo not to leave its citizens “alone” because, in his opinion, they “eat them with cassava” here.

The prosecutor of Santo Domingo Oeste, Edward López, assured that at the time the participation of each of those involved in the act of blood would be known.

He said the investigations were successful and urged those who have not turned themselves in to do so because they are following in their footsteps.

Four people related to the double murder are still at large.



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