VIRAL VIDEO: Arkansas Senator Asks Transgender Pharmacist If She Has a Penis


During a committee hearing, an Arkansas state senator queries a transgender pharmacist about her penis. I’m a doctor and a member of the medical profession. Gwendolyn Herzig, a pharmacist, requested that you treat her as such.


When she spoke out against a bill that would have prohibited children from receiving transitional medical care, a transgender pharmacist in Arkansas was asked by a Republican state senator if she had a penis.


During a Judiciary Committee meeting earlier this week, Little Rock pharmacist Gwendolyn Herzig was the target of a question from Arkansas state senator Matt McKee, which elicited gasps and jeers from several in the audience.

“You mentioned you’re a trans lady,” I asked. McKee enquired of Herzig. Have you got a penis?

One audience member shouted “Disgraceful” in the middle of the hearing after McKee’s query inflamed them.
McKee’s questioning, in Herzig’s opinion, was “awful.”

Herzig, a doctor of pharmacy, remarked, “I don’t know what my rights are, but that question was incredibly improper.”

Herzig said, “I’m a medical practitioner, a doctor. “Please treat me accordingly. Next, if you could.”

Later, Herzig told NBC News that she had anticipated receiving any other inquiry “than what I got.”

She told the site, “It was the most publicly embarrassing thing I’ve ever experienced.”
Herzig said, “I really just hope that just shows people that there’s individuals like me who want to stand up and that there are people who want to make sure there is access to resources.” after acknowledging a video of the interaction had gone viral.

Fox News Digital reached out to McKee for comment, but she did not answer.

The argument erupted at a hearing on a recently presented bill in the Arkansas State Senate that would make it illegal for doctors to conduct transgender surgery or prescribe cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers to kids.

Additionally, the proposed legislation would provide patients who received such medical care up to 30 years after turning 18 to sue medical professionals.
On Monday, the bill was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee of Arkansas.



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