Dominican lawyer Francia Santana receives the highest distinction for “Empowerment” in New York with her product “Miel De Abeja Mi Campito” at Viva la Patria 2023.


By José Zabala

New York: The renowned lawyer and entrepreneur Lcda. Francia Santana received the highest distinction for “Entrepreneurship” awarded by the non-profit organization “Viva La Patria 2023” in its 20th-anniversary celebration. The institution’s founder, the publicist Félix Jerez, and the event’s producers: Cirilo Moronta, Elida Almonte, and Michael Peralta, recognized Dr. Santana and her product “Miel De Abeja Mi Campito” as the entrepreneur of year 2023.

During the act of recognition of Lcda. Francia Santana was attended by New York Mayor Eric Adams, Consul Eligio Jáquez, Congressman Adriano Espaillat, New York City Transportation Commissioner, and other New York State elected and community leaders. In addition, the musical part was represented by the artists: Raúl Acosta & Oro Solido, Chicho Severino, Randy Sax, and Carlo Méndez, who entertained everyone present on February 26, 2023.


“The organizing committee of “Viva La Patria 2023” concludes that Lcda. Francia Santana and her product “Miel De Abeja Mi Campito” is our entrepreneur of the year 2023. Her product meets all the conditions to be worthy of our award. Congratulations, Lcd. Santana for her well-deserved award,” said Félix Jerez, president of the organizing committee.

“Thank you for this distinction to me as well as to my product “Miel De Abeja Mi Campito,” a healthy honey that will soon be in all markets in the United States starting in New York City. This award is very significant for me, my family, my co-workers and the honey producers in the country. We have brought a good quality product and the Dominicans are delighted with it and its reception in New York City gives us great satisfaction. Thank you all,” said Francia Santana.

“The name of “Miel De Abeja Mi Campito” arises because he has always been a lover of the countryside, the countryside for me is life. Since we have a little field, I found it interesting to capture in an image what a small field and my family represent, through my little field we have a story, and in this story a very sweet one and accompanied by the protagonist in this process, which are the bees, By capturing a field we also have the story of many Dominicans who are far from their fields,” added the entrepreneur Santana.

“I want my product to become a country brand, a reference as a quality honey and a superior representative of our country. I want our country’s honey to travel the world and be known everywhere. The conservation of bees in a general sense is the responsibility of everyone, their had, above all, must be taken consciously since the good production of fruits and vegetables is important for fruits. I hope that my initiatives will be supported by the corresponding government entities, right now I know that to avoid bureaucracies the work has to start so that it can be supported later”, commented Santana.

“This initiative was born from the need that arose in times of a pandemic, specifically with a strong complaint that my daughter really developed that as a complement in increasing defenses, bee honey is the natural antiseptic par excellence. The business opportunity as such arises because I realized that honey, if it is of quality, is always necessary and in demand. Since then, I was interested in preparing myself more in this regard, taking specialized courses on the subject of beekeeping. The goal with this project is to highlight national production abroad. To achieve this purpose, I have created the sustainable beehive program of the Accionar para el Desarrollo Foundation with the aim of introducing people to the world of beekeeping and its benefit to create better conditions in agriculture in general”, concluded Francia Santana.


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