JCE Census Registration: what is it for, and how to register?


By Nilba Sanchez.
Dominicans who live abroad are very aware of what is happening in our republic, especially concerning the development of Dominican politics. We are aware that each of us is responsible for the future of our Homeland, regardless of where we live or the political Party we belong to, because, even from a distance, we feel committed to the Dominican Nation.


With the 2024 election approaching, we are hearing about some important concepts that are prerequisites for participating in the upcoming electoral tournament. These requirements are: Have a valid identity card, not expire on the date of the vote, May 2024, and be duly registered.


Let’s talk about REGISTRY. What is it, what is it for, and how to register? In the years I have worked with electoral issues in my Party, I have had many surprises. I have seen professionals, community leaders, and even politicians, who could not participate, as they had wanted at that time, as delegates at the polling stations, either by the Central Electoral Board (JCE) or their parties.

Of course, they could not exercise the right to vote because they were not duly registered in the localities where they resided at that time.

We know that the Central Electoral Board, the body of the electoral administration and in charge of the electoral processes, permanently ensures compliance with the electoral law and strongly requests that we comply with these requirements, either by personally attending its offices or participating in its operations. . periodically in the different localities of the State.

Registering is when a person writes in the Municipal Register where he resides. This act procedure is carried out by the Dominican Central Board of the localities where the Dominican government has established them.

Who should register?

All Dominicans, of voting age, with an identity and electoral card must register in their respective locations. It is very important to emphasize that if you wrote in a city in previous years but moved to another site, even within the same State, you must return to the JCE to register again.

That is why the cases in which it is necessary to request registration for the first time or make a change are:

Moving from another city within the territory where he lives.
Change of residence from the Dominican Republic or any other country.
Omission, it was the first time he did it.
undocumented residents

One of the main fears arises from residents who still need their legal residence documents or are in an irregular situation. The registration does not imply any risk because it is not related to the control of emigrants. A single municipal register is made, and this record belongs to our Country.

What happens if the registered person moves to another city?

Moving for work or any other personal reason is common. When a person changes the city, he needs to request that the change of registration be made. With this procedure, the new domicile of habitual residence will be registered. You do not have to register again if you change your address but stay in the same municipality.

How do I know if I’m registered?

To ensure you are properly registered and registered to vote in the upcoming 2024 election, it is possible to check online. This procedure is very simple. On your phone, you can do it yourself by entering the following link:



Having your identity and electoral card up to date and being duly registered in your locality is necessary for all those who want to exercise the right to vote in the Dominican elections. It is a moral obligation that all Dominicans fulfill for the well-being of our Homeland. To register, you must register in the municipality where you reside. Writing costs nothing. You have to appear at the offices of the Dominican Central Board or attend the operations, which are frequently carried out in different locations in your State.



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