A 14-year-old teenager is killed in Los Guandules during an alleged gang confrontation.


In the early hours of this Thursday, a 14-year-old teenager was shot dead, and another was injured in the Los Guandules sector, of the National District, during an alleged confrontation between criminal gangs.


His relatives identified the deceased as Yordy Guillermo Rodríguez. He was shot in the abdomen when he went to “look for something” on La Milagrosa Street in the abovementioned sector.


The minor studied at the Domingo Savio parochial school and was defined by his relatives and close friends as calm, supportive, and wanting to improve himself.
Although the community members of the sector do not know how the event occurred, they assure that there is a criminal gang that has them “in distress” and that they operate in the sector “with complete tranquility.”

The grandmother of the deceased, who was like the minor’s mother, is still in awe and had to be sedated with medication to keep her calm.

Due to the situation in the Los Guandules neighborhood, the National Police arranged units of its agents, including those of the Central Investigation Directorate (Dicrim), who patrol the area in the face of possible retaliation between local gang leaders.

Yordy Guillermo’s body is in the National Institute of Forensic Sciences (Inacif), and relatives are waiting for it to be delivered in the afternoon to say goodbye to him.

“In the neighborhood, the bullets continue.”

Several community members from the Los Guandules sector affirm that the neighborhood is “from bad to worse” and that nothing has changed after the Dominican authorities ordered mixed patrols in the area last year.

They assure that the leaders of gangs operating in the sector have been reinforced to ” avenge their dead.”

They ask for the intervention of the authorities so that this death and others that have happened in the area do not go unpunished.

They believe it would be important to evaluate the area’s police headquarters, understanding that these agents are the first to sell themselves out and let criminals act as they, please.



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