Abel denounces another bill, “attempts against Dominicanness.”


SANTO DOMINGO.- The Comprehensive Law project in favor of Women is another attack against the Dominican people, warned this Friday, the presidential candidate for the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Abel Martínez.


He warned about the claims of “passing under the table certain articles of the aforementioned piece of legislation that supports the same thing that was intended with the trafficking project,” for which reason “it must also be withdrawn.”


“The Dominican Republic can never be responsible for the misfortunes of other countries, even if we join in the contest of nations to find solutions, as is the case with Haiti,” he clarified.

He criticized that the Government continues submitting bills “that are not in harmony with the national interest, neither with the Dominican people nor with our Constitution.”

“In the Comprehensive Law in favor of Women there is an article that establishes the same thing as the Human Trafficking Law: that undocumented women who are in irregular immigration status cannot be deported, neither they nor their relatives, nor whoever they are. They protect This is another project that threatens Dominican sovereignty, against our identity, therefore, it must be withdrawn,” he said.

He said that “it is necessary to legislate in favor of Dominican women.” And in that order, make sure that you will always support initiatives in that regard. “But we cannot allow, surreptitiously, like a thief in the night, to insert articles to comply with the sell-out agenda carried out by this government,” said the former president of the Chamber of Deputies.

He warned that, if said bill is not withdrawn, “we are going to the streets, we are going to mobilize peacefully, because the Dominican Republic, which belongs to everyone and for everyone, must be preserved and the spirit must be imposed, not only democratic, but also patriotic, identity as a nation, and not take on the problems of other countries or illegal immigrants who are in our territory.”

“What the Government has shown is that it does not care about consensus, what it has shown is to genuflect, and lives on its knees before interests that are not those of the Dominican Republic, it has committed to international organizations and nations for the Haitianization of this country, and we cannot allow it, we are not going to allow it,” he pointed out.



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