Abel Martínez advocates care for families with children with special conditions.


Santo Domingo Norte.- The presidential candidate of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Abel Martínez, addressed the problems faced by families that have children with special conditions, which in his opinion, “is as if they do not currently exist for the Government.»

“I know the feeling of a mother when her son, who has autism or Down syndrome, is rejected at a college or a public school because they do not know how to treat that special being, full of love, full of strength, and how can pay a mother a therapy that costs more than sixty thousand pesos per month for a child who has special conditions? That is painful and more painful is being in a government for which these families do not exist,” said Martínez.
During a meeting held with women from the Sabana Perdida sector, Martínez said that “if we are here it is because we can look you in the eye, commit ourselves; We can tell you that we have always worked thinking about the value that women have, about her dignity, about her desire to push forward, to prepare herself, and about her desire to help her family.”
He also stressed that, from the Mayor’s Office of Santiago, he has fought for a more just and inclusive society for families that have special children, ensuring that in the Dominican Republic, “we need a society, a government and a State that provides the needs of these families and defend them.”

The PLD Presidential Candidate assured that he has always worked tirelessly to support Dominican women so that they have a role in society, “where you are a leading part; Not that they are behind, but that they are next to us, men, pushing this country forward.”
The senior political leader regretted the neglect that affects the Comprehensive Care Centers for Children (CAID), from which personnel trained in such sensitive issues have been fired, investment in equipment and infrastructure has stopped and guaranteed that, as of 2024, will run a comprehensive support program on this issue.


Abel Martínez was accompanied by the leadership of the PLD of the Santo Domingo province, together with community leaders and representatives of thriving sectors of this distinction.


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