Abel Martínez asks the Government to lower fuel prices.


SANTO DOMINGO.- The Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) presidential candidate, Abel Martínez, said it is time for the Government to lower fuel prices since international prices have been downward for more than three months.

“President, lower the gasoline, you have no excuses; The price of oil has been going down for a long time, and the people need a breather,” said the Mayor of Santiago in a video he posted on his social networks.

Martínez had argued on several occasions that “when the price of gasoline was set in March 2022 at almost 300 pesos a gallon, oil prices were at 114 dollars per barrel, but since October 2022, oil has been less than 80 Dollars”.


The presidential candidate stressed that the Dominican Republic is one of the few countries in the Americas that has not reduced the price of gasoline when the price of oil has dropped. Therefore, the people must refrain from continuing to bear the brunt, considering, in addition, the high cost of the basic basket.


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