Abel Martínez: “Starting in 2024, Dominicans will be proud that I am their president.”


Elías Piña.- The opposition leader and presidential candidate of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Abel Martínez, assured that a presidential project is not built without taking into account the feelings of the communities and that betting on the work culture, values, principles, and dignity that has always characterized the Dominican.

Upon listening to the concerns of the Confraternity of Pastors of the province, as well as hundreds of professionals and young people, he expressed his concern for the precarious situation that the communities of that border area are going through, assuring that if they continue on the path the country is going, In ten years, there will be no Dominicans left in Elías Piña.

“Everything you tell me, I have felt when traveling the highways and neighboring roads until I got here. I can tell you that it is not only Elías Piña who is going badly, living in despair, without opportunities, without security and with the cost of living increasing; This is happening throughout the country, because we have a government that is not connected with the priorities of the communities”, he expressed.


The political leader stated that from 2024 Dominicans will be proud that he is their president because “I will look good on them, because I do not agree with the agenda imposed by international organizations that this government leads to Haitianize the country and sow a culture that she is not Dominican Starting in 2024, another rooster will crow in this province and throughout the country.”

“When the just govern the people rejoice, but when the unjust are the ones who govern, the heart and the people are saddened and weep with sorrow; That is why we believe in you and our goal is to build the best Dominican Republic in history, and we will do it with you, a woman, a working man, and a young man; to recover our country and direct it towards a golden age, full of opportunities and development,” he stated.

The members of the Political Committee accompanied Abel Martínez, Yván Lorenzo, senator and spokesman for the PLD bench; Lucía Medina, provincial link Abel 24; as well as the members of the Central Committee, deputy Juan Aquino (Pipin); Adriano Sánchez Roa, Secretary of Agricultural Affairs; Yisell Yahaira Santana, mayoress of Bánica and Pason Soler, mayor of Juan Santiago, among dozens of councilors, leaders and community leaders from the region.


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