Abel Martínez will provisionally assume the coordination of his presidential campaign.


This Monday, the presidential candidate for the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Abel Martínez, reported that he would provisionally be assuming the national coordination of his campaign to strengthen the guidelines around his presidential project.

Martínez will also have an advisory and consultative team comprising the former president of the Republic and president of the PLD, Danilo Medina, along with other members of the Political Committee.

Other names on his team are Charles Mariotti, general secretary; Margarita Cedeño, former Vice President of the Republic; Francisco Domínguez Brito and Jaime David Fernández Mirabal, who will be accompanying the presidential candidate in coordinating the campaign.
Work is already underway on integrating the political leadership both in the national territory and abroad, and important appointments pending in the structure of Abel Martínez’s campaign team will also be made.


Another who announced his integration into the Martínez campaign was Roberto Rodriguez Marchena, who, through his Twitter account, let it be known that he would be the candidate’s new communications coordinator.


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