Abinader delivers his “coffee packets” to a young Dominican living in London.

Santo Domingo, RD: "Here I brought you your coffee," were the words of President Luis Abinader when he met the young Dominican who asked him to please take "two or three packages of Santo Domingo coffee" to London.


Santo Domingo, DR: As if it were a close friend or relative, a Dominican living in London made a special request to the President of the Dominican Republic, Luis Abinader, regarding his visit to England, where he will participate in the coronation of King Carlos III.

Using art from Diario Libre, where the visit of the Creole President to the European country is reported, the woman sent an audio that, in a few hours, has monopolized WhatsApp groups: “Look, I just saw that you are coming here, to London, I live here, and it happens that the Santo Domingo coffee that I brought the other day is running out,” he begins his petition addressed to the President.

He adds: “I was wondering if by chance you could bring me two or three packets of coffee, before I run out, please if it’s not too much to ask. You let me know when you arrive, and I’ll go and look for it wherever I you’re going to stay.”


President Luis Abinader will travel this Wednesday to London, England, to participate in the coronation acts of King Carlos III and Queen Consort Camila, the Presidency announced this Tuesday.

According to a press release, the President will leave at noon in the company of the first lady, Raquel Arbaje, via Miami, United States, to take a direct flight and arrive in London on Thursday morning.

On Friday, the Head of State begins his official agenda with a breakfast at Lancaster House, which will be offered by the Royal Family to the representatives of the Island States. Will he find time to deliver the coffee to the woman?

Who is she?

This is Alexandra Morel, a young woman who defines herself as a lover of dogs and photography and who practices her profession in the English capital. She also calls herself a traveler. On her Instagram, she shares images of the destinations she has visited.


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