Abinader must dismiss the Minister of the Environment for trampling on the memory of Jorge Mera.


By Alexander Olivence

Canada: It is time for President Luis Abinader to dismiss the Minister of the Environment, Miguel Ceara Hatton, who has trampled on the memory of the assassinated former Minister of that agency, Orlando Jorge Mera, who has been the most valued Minister the government of Canada has had President Luis Abinader.

The unfortunate statements by the Minister of the Environment, Miguel Ceara Hatton, regarding the dismissal of more than 600 people that he claimed he found on the payroll of that portfolio, alleging that the functions they performed in the Environment were not established, is an insult and an abuse of the memory of the late Minister Orlando Jorge Mera.

That was an attack on the memory of Jorge Mera that President Luis Abinader cannot allow. Ceara Hatton’s irresponsibility has tarnished the reputation of the late Minister, whose actions speak for themselves.

These ill-advised statements have caused misunderstanding and disagreement among the members of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) and even deserved the severe criticism of the president of the Chamber of Deputies of the Republic, Alfredo Pacheco, who branded the statements of Miguel Ceara Hatton of irresponsible. He even accused the current Minister of wanting to cover up the noise of the Ministry’s inefficiency and lack of management. He added that theory is one thing and practice is quite another, obviously referring to Ceara Hatton’s inability to keep up. Directing the Ministry of Environment.

It is time for President Luis Abinader to start removing the inefficiency and inability of officials like Miguel Ceara Hatton from the government train, who have demonstrated their inability to manage a ministry with powers that directly affect the people’s perception of the government. , with incidents and functions as decisive as evaluating the country’s macroeconomic and sustainable development policies.

The rectory of the National System of Planning and Public Investment and the ordering of the territory cannot be in the hands of an improviser like the current Minister. This official also has the power to formulate the Development Strategy and the National Multiannual Plan of the Public Sector, including the necessary municipal, provincial, national, and sectoral coordination to guarantee the due global coherence between the government’s policies, plans, programs, and actions.

The least that Miguel Ceara Hatton should do is resign if President Luis does not decide to cancel it immediately, is to apologize to the family of Jorge Mera, whose son and deputy, Orlando Jorge Villegas, should have clarified that the name of his late father he defends himself and that his memory has been and will continue to be defended by Dominican society, family, friends, and his fellow party members and he resorted to advising that Orlando Jorge Mera always gave him” “patience is the best clothing of courage.”


“Alexander Olivence, the defender of the bases of the PRM.”



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