Abinader’s Government impacts thousands of people in Sosúa with the “You First” day.


Sosúa, Puerto Plata-The director of Strategic and Special Projects of the Presidency (Propeep), Roberto Ángel Salcedo, affirmed this Saturday that the “First You” day, arranged by President Luis Abinader, impacted thousands of poor people living in conditions of vulnerability in the Sosúa municipality, Puerto Plata province.


When pronouncing the words at the beginning of the day, Roberto Ángel took advantage of the occasion to highlight the courage of Matías Ramón Mella in the feat of independence to commemorate today 207 years of his birth.


He argued that February 25 is a historic and special date for the country, part of the commemorative dates of National Independence, an event that began the formation of Dominican society.

The official affirmed that 179 years after those events, the Dominican Republic remains a more open nation, growing and advancing towards its full development.

“Thank God that at the present time we have Luis Abinader directing the destinies of the nation. A president connected to the problems that the country is experiencing, a humane man, sensitive and close to the people,” he said.

Roberto Ángel pointed out that the president is the most aware that initiatives such as “You First” are important to impact those most in need, from infants to the elderly.

He stated that this is the purpose of “Primero Tú,” to reach the most vulnerable and attend to their needs, complaints, and weaknesses, which has been the objective of President Abinader since he came to the Government.

The official recalled that more than 15 government institutions participate in conferences that provide different services to attendees. They also follow up on their needs with Propeep to find a definitive solution.

Senator calls on leadership to promote “You First” day.

The province senator, Ginnette Bournigal, was present on this day and invited the political and community leaders to promote the social works that, like “You First,” are carried out by the Government at the national level.

“This day is not political propaganda. It is the result of the action of a president who has his heart and feelings set on the people, like Luis Abinader,” she said.

Meanwhile, the provincial governor, Claritza Rochtte Peralta, affirms that she is proud to be part of the Government headed by Luis Abinader because she “thinks of the people.”

The “First You” conference, number 12 of the year, was held at the Gregorio Luperón Educational Center in the Los Charramicos sector, where about 3,000 people received social assistance with the services offered by government institutions.

Participating institutions

The institutions that work, together with Propeep, to bring these services to each community in the country are the National Health Insurance (SeNaSa), the National Health Service (SNS), the Ministry of Public Health, the Supérate Program, the National Council of Disability (Conadis), the National Council for the Aged (Conape), the National Institution for Early Childhood Care (Inaipi), the Program for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (Promipyme) and the Reserve Bank, with their financial talks.

In addition, the Vocational Schools of the Armed Forces and the National Police, the Technological Institute of the Americas (ITLA), the Government Economic Canteens, and the National Institute for Price Stabilization (Inespre), among other State service institutions.

Authorities present

Also present at the activity were Adolfo Pineda, director of the Dominicana Digna program; the mayor of Puerto Plata, Wilfredo Olivence, and the mayor of Luperón, Douglas Pichardo, as well as the deputy Emil Durán, among other provincial and municipal officials.

Tour of authorities

After leaving, the day started; the director of Propeep and the community leadership toured different neighborhoods and sectors of the province of Puerto Plata, intending to survey the most urgent needs, develop an inter-institutional intervention and give solutions to each problem.



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