According to “projects.FiveThirtyEight,” RFK JR went from 31% in October to 52% in November in favorability.

This approach has positioned RFK JR well in a broad segment of the electorate and societal groups tired of military operations abroad.


(The author is a Latin consultant for American Values 2024)


New York: Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy JR has become a true phenomenon in the American political spectrum, moving from 31% in October to 52% favorability, according to the polling analysis website “”


Bobby Kennedy, supported by American Values 2024 Super Pac, is a group committed to restoring democracy in the United States and building a movement of supporters pursuing truth, separating the state from corporate interests, and supporting candidates like Kennedy who present proposals for a better future. We are co-founded by Mark Gorton (CEO of Tower Research Capital) and Tony Lyons (president of Skyhorse Publishing).

Since his declaration of independence in Philadelphia, PA, RFK JR represents a threat and the biggest challenge that Democratic and Republican candidates have faced during a US election campaign. According to the recent RealClearPolitics survey, the exponential growth of his candidacy, as expressed in recent polls, placing him at an average of 16.7%, ensures he surpasses the threshold to qualify for presidential debates.

A New York Times/Siena College poll also suggested that Kennedy was winning in key states with voters under 45 years old. The spectrum of young voters in this country has been caught in the dilemma of choosing the lesser of two obsolete, failed options that do not connect with their interests and are somewhat rejected by the majority of the American people.

Reasons like these drove Bobby Kennedy’s independent candidacy, attracting young people from liberals, conservatives, and independents. A Quinnipiac University survey has shown that 36% of Democratic-leaning voters disapprove of how Biden has handled the conflict in Israel and Ukraine. In contrast, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. distanced himself from the bipartisan position of imperial interventionism and proposed the return home of US soldiers safeguarding the 800 military bases that the US has scattered around the world. This would imply a significant reduction in the country’s military budget, money that would be used in his virtual government to develop aging infrastructures and restore the American industrial system, which lacks technology and development.

This approach has positioned RFK JR well in a broad segment of the electorate and societal groups tired of military operations abroad.

According to the report from “,” when asked if Americans had a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Robert F. Kennedy, 38.2% responded favorably compared to 33.1% who did not favor him. This measurement covered the period between June and November 2023.

Robert F. Kennedy’s Favorability. The icon indicating that this set of polls has an average:

According to the average chart from “,” the Quinnipiac University poll conducted from October 26 to 30 placed RFK JR with a 31% favorability against 36% unfavorability.

From October 27-30, “American Pulse Research & Polling” gave Kennedy 41% favorability compared to 44% unfavorability.

From October 27 to November 2, “SSRS CNN” gave Bobby Kennedy 31% favorability against 28% unfavorability.

From October 27 to November 2, “SSRS CNN” gave Kennedy 31% favorability against 31% unfavorability.

From November 2-7, the “Marquette University Law School” poll gave Kennedy 38% in favor against 38% unfavorable.

From November 2-7, “Marquette University Law School” showed 37% favoring Kennedy and 40% against.

From November 9-13, “Quinnipiac University” marked 32% favorability against 36% unfavorable.

From November 15-16, Kennedy had risen to 52% favorability against 27% who did not favor him.



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