African American and Latino Communities come together to support RFK Jr., sponsored by American Values 2024 Super Pac.

Tony Lyons, Co-Founder of American Values 2024 with Latino Community Leaders

(The author is a Latino consultant for American Values 2024 Super Pac)


New York: With the presence of American Values 2024 Super Pac co-founder TONY LYONS and CEO CANDACE MCDONALD, a momentous event called “CONNECTING THE DOTS FOR RFK JR” was held, which unified the African American and Latino communities to show a significant strategic alliance between these two conglomerates to support the independent candidacy of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., on the night of Tuesday, November 14 from 6-9 pm at HIDDEN CITY LOFT, located at 136 EAST 24 Street. NY. 10010. Recommended by American Values 2024 Super Pac.


Tony Lyons, co-founder of America Values 2024 Super Pack

“This political activity is an excellent opportunity that allows the African American and Latino communities to join us in this lively and interactive discussion with American Values 2024 Super Pac that supports the independent candidacy of Robert F. Kennedy JR for president of the United States,” said co-founder Tony Lyons as he welcomed the guests who packed the venue in a festive atmosphere and much harmony.

CANDACE MCDONALD, CEO of American Values 2024 Super Pac.

“We appreciate the presence of the African American and Latino communities tonight at this event, which American Values Super Pac has organized to allow open dialogue about the concerns and proposals for government change proposed by our candidate Robert F. Kennedy JR. So we started this conversation in which various Hispanic and African American leaders from different states will join online,” said the CEO of American Values 2024 Super Pac, CANDACE MCDONALD, when offering the welcome words.

African American Influencer, AV Kevin Jenkins

One of the prominent participants in representing the African-American community was Kevin D. Jenkins, an American social media influencer and executive director of the Urban Global Health Alliance.

“Hey, son, AV Kevin Jenkins, build united black communities, stand up for someone; I think that will tell America the truth. Bobby Kennedy has been doing that his whole life, so that’s. What are the values of the United States? What are the values of black and Hispanic Americans? AV asked. Kevin Jenkins.

“It’s about ‘sly, faith, and freedom. It’s time for us to come together to tell the story of what America is and what it could be. And the candidacy of Bobby Kennedy. It represents the change we need in America, uniting us so we can stand up to the tyranny of our time, like Martin Luther King and so many great Americans did,” Jenkins continued.

“So, I’m here” toI’mve that conversation, and I think this conversation is essential. We should have it all over the country. And we have to support Bobby because he has always been with us, and I am happy to be here and participate. Well, America is rising now all over the world. And after COVID and after three years of being cooped up and fighting the tyranny of our time, people are starting to ask questions. People say, what do we do to save this country? What do we do to preserve our Constitution? What do we do to fight censorship? What do we do to protect our families? So what are we going to do? How are we going to get up? And Bobby Kennedy represents the best of this country because he is here to tell us the truth. And that’s what that’s. We need a candidate and an elected official who will tell us the truth. While I’m on Instagram, of course, you know, KD Jenkins, 1963, I’m on FaceI’mk, FD Jenkins 19. It’s all that’s. You can find me anywhere. I probably am. He traveled more than 738,000 miles in this country. It’s not hard to find me unless I get censored again,” concluded “African-American influencer AV Kevin Jenkins.

Trevor Fitzgibbon, Managing Director of American Values 2024 Super Pac

American Values 2024 Super Pac CEO Trevor Fitz Gibbon was active at the event, receiving and welcoming guests. “We are very” happy that our “CONNECTING” THE DOTS FOR RFK JR” event is “Erving to unify diverse communities in support of our candidate Robert F. Kennedy JR tonight. Thank you for being here,” Trevor said.


Latin Director of American Values 2024 Alejandra Chaparro

“We are very” excited and happy with the excellent integration of the African American and Latino communities into the Robert F. Kennedy JR campaign that our Super Pac American Values 2024 is supporting. We want to highlight the participation of many Latino and African American leaders who will participate in this activity from their homes in different states,” said the “director of American Values 22024 Super Pac, Alejandra Chaparro.

Latina Organizer of American Values 2024, Lilliam Banner

“We have a “here tonight to celebrate the unity between the African American and Latino communities around the independent candidacy of Robert F. Kennedy JR. This discussion will help us understand our candidate’ such as the Biden administration system, and other key points that directly affect the American citizen, such as economic revitalization, the cost of living, racial division, the environment, the importance of honest government, reconciliation, peace and civil liberties,” said Amer “can Values 2024 Super Pac Hispanic Organizer, Lilliam Banner.

Dr. Yomare Polanco, community leader and politician of the Latino community

“In the Democratic Party, they say that we are bad citizens because we want the best for our children and our grandchildren, for our neighborhoods and our communities, for our country (United States of America) and for the entire world with policies and government decisions that positively impact our nation domestically and internationally, but let me tell you that the bad guys are on the other side, in the Biden administration who have broken our immigration system, who have broken our energy system and resources, who have broken our national budget years after years in trillions and trillions of dollars, which have left our babies without milk or formula to nourish themselves, and which have not been able to control the inflation that suffocates all vulnerable sectors in our great nation. “That being “said, I come here today to tell you that we must watch out for the real bad guys in the movie. How to do it? By removing the bad guys from the government in 2024, Biden and his administration must be changed in 2024 by Robert F. Kennedy Junior and his collaborators. Good night.”

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