Alausí neighborhood was evacuated for fear of another landslide.


In the Casual neighborhood of Alausí, there is amazement, fear, and nervousness. They have not been able to be calm since Sunday night when at around 9:10 p.m., they heard loud noises.
Carina Sagñay, a resident of the Casual neighborhood, says that it seemed like they were dropping bombs. It was a terrifying night.


“Everything was scared and desperate because we got out as we could and with what we were wearing. Thanks to the collaboration of our neighbor Fausto Silva, we were able to sleep in the living room, but we couldn’t fall asleep, we prayed,” the woman asserted.


Casual is one of the risk areas and close to the area where the huge landslide occurred that claimed the lives of 16 people in Alausí.
“First everything moved, as if it were an earthquake, we rang the sirens and after two minutes it sounded very loud, what we managed to do is shout for them to run away and we went to a safer area. But we thought that we were going downhill with everything”, adds Sagñay.

Luis Cevallos assures that no one from the Casual neighborhood feels safe in the houses, so they went to remove some belongings this Monday morning. Still, he lamented that no authority had been present to offer them help.

The residents say they were in the dark because the electricity went out. Some were in the upper part this morning waiting for help, at least tents to spend the night.
“We don’t even have enough to give the children some food. We also don’t have food for our animals, hopefully some authority or companies could help us,” Cevallos asserts.

He says that 98 people from Casual left the place, but they regret that since this Sunday night, they have not heard from their neighbor Darío Gavilánez.

Susana Morocho was leaving the house this morning, where she lives with her son and husband. Her home was gone a few meters from the abyss caused by the collapse.

She says she is afraid to stay there but also calls for the authorities to help.

After making a tour, Remigio Roldán, mayor-elect of Alausí, points out that all actions will be taken to avoid another similar tragedy, for which, he says, the support of the national government is required.
The elected authority indicates that the neighborhoods of La Esperanza, El Búha, and Nuevo Alausí were practically lost.

He says that he will work for the neighborhoods to be relocated because families cannot be kept in decent conditions and for providing food and priority care.
Roldán believes that despite the calls, the necessary attention was not given to declare an emergency in the area.



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