Alerts to the increase in violence in Vieques


The double murder of two young people at 8:57 p.m. on Friday at the 997 highway intersection with Sagitario Street, towards the Las Marías neighborhood, set off alarm signals, adding three violent deaths this year in Vieques and another six in the Fajardo Police Area, mostly related to drug trafficking, according to the authorities.
On Friday, Francis Y. Abreu Martínez, 20, and Adiel Y. Acevedo Romero, 19, were murdered. A third individual was injured and was taken to San Juan.

Adiel, according to the Police, was not the person the killers were looking to kill. He was the nephew of Jorge Acevedo Martínez, better known as “Champú,” a trigger for the drug organization led by Carlos Morales Dávila, nicknamed “Cano Gurabo.” “Shampoo” was arrested in February 2018 by federal bailiffs stationed in the Dominican Republic, along with agents of the National Directorate for Drug Control (DNCD), after four years of searching. When he was arrested, they seized $483,000 in cash, three pistols, three luxury vehicles, false Venezuelan identifications, and over 500 pieces of ammunition.


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