Ana Gabriel gives herself body and soul to the Dominicans at the Palacio de los Deportes.


The Mexican singer Ana Gabriel gave herself body and soul on Saturday night at the Palacio de los Deportes, Virgilio Travieso Soto, with her show “For love of you.”


With a stage design that set the scene for each song, a band of ten musicians, and a capacity full, the “Luna de América” captured the hearts of the public, who came to enjoy its musical repertoire.


María Guadalupe Araujo Yong, the interpreter’s first name, made a musical tour for approximately three hours, in which love, heartbreak, and nostalgia took over the attendees.
The clock struck 8:21 p.m. Dominican singer-songwriter Nathalie Hazim took the stage, celebrating ten years of a musical career.

After that part, the spectators, in one voice, chanted Ana Gabriel with a merriment that resounded in the surroundings of the Palacio de los Deportes.
After a wait, the artist came on stage at 9:27 p.m. and received a standing ovation from an audience that surrendered at the feet of the “Diva of America.”

She wore a baggy lilac suit with a black tie, white shoes, and straight dark hair that made her look like a queen.

The first song she performed was “I am as I wanted to be,” which she stopped singing at one point to listen to the voices of the public.

After singing this composition, the 67-year-old singer expressed her love pact with the Dominican Republic.

“Santo Domingo!, Dominican Republic!, here is his girlfriend, the one who came for the first time 30 years ago, then I went to Chavón and asked them not to stray too far from me and they have complied,” he said when greeting the fans.

She pointed out that she has also met the country, although she said she could not deny that she has had “many lovers.”

“I am not going to tell you that I have been faithful to you, because I have many lovers and 30 years are not easy, after almost 11 years they say it is easy, but this is my third time in the Dominican Republic,” she said with a smile that embellished her face.

In the same way, she thanked the Dominicans for her love towards her person with a gesture of reverence.

“Any word I say is very short compared to what we are going to do here tonight,” declared the multi-award-winning singer.

Likewise, she declared herself Dominican.

“When I arrive in a country and I’m on stage, I become a citizen of that country and more so if I’m the bride,” said Ana Gabriel, receiving loud applause from her fans.

Immediately, she started a medley of the hits “You don’t know,” “Evidencias,” “Mar y arena,” and “Not to ask for forgiveness.”

A special moment was experienced during the concert when the artist shared the story behind the song “And here I am” with her fans.

“The truth is that I cannot deny the love that I still feel in my heart, but I remember that she is no longer here physically, but she is still alive because we carry her in our hearts,” she recalled, explaining that her mother inspires this composition.

She added that when she is on a stage of hers, her presence takes over her while inviting everyone present to tell her loved ones how much they love them.

“When I’m on stage, she takes over my soul, and I give you this song in her honor,” she said before singing the song’s first verses.

Complicity with the public

Between the breaks, Ana Gabriel showed her collaboration with an audience that has remained faithful to her “girlfriend” since they began her love story 30 years ago.

Many fans carried signs with endearment words for her “wife of hers”; others brought her gifts.

The interpreter read some of the signs; however, others, due to the size of the writing, she could not read.

“Some of them I can’t read because I can’t see them from here and the letters are too small for me,” she confessed, worrying that she couldn’t read the writing.

Taking care of COVID-19

The artist regretted not being able to take a photo with a fan who was celebrating her birthday.

Her wardrobe designer and two other team members tested positive for COVID-19.

“You think COVID-19 is gone, but it’s not gone.”

She announced that Easter was spent in confinement so as not to catch the coronavirus and to be able to perform at the concerts.

Despite the above, minutes later, she agreed to take the photo, but a few meters away.

Guest Mariachi

If something could not be missing from the show, it was the mariachi; the Mexican music star made a second medley with the songs: “My talisman,” “I don’t understand,” “You decided it,” “Despite everything,” ” How to forget,” “Now,” “I smell loneliness,” “Spell,” “No problem,” “The queen,” “Let’s go,” “I was wrong about you,” “It’s too late.”

“I have traveled to many countries, but I have never found a mariachi like this one,” celebrated Ana Gabriel.



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