Authorities remove 22 “glass cleaners” from the avenues of the National District.


In coordination with the Public Ministry and the National District City Council, National Police agents carried out simultaneous operations through various avenues of the central polygon of the National District.

During these operations, some 22 window cleaners were removed from circulation, who, through their activities, bothered drivers who stopped for the red light of traffic lights.

As reported by the institution of order, these operations were carried out on John F. Kennedy avenues, Máximo Gómez corner; Abraham Lincoln, corner John F. Kennedy; Lopez de Vega, corner John F. Kennedy; Tiradentes, corner John F. Kennedy; as well as Núñez de Cáceres avenue, John F. Kennedy corner.


In a statement, the Police indicated that the detained glass cleaners were taken to the Naco Detachment for legal purposes.

These interventions are part of the actions contemplated in the Quadrant Patrol Plan of the National Police, implemented for months, to “avoid negative situations between window cleaners and drivers on public roads, as reported on social networks and the media.” communication.”


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