Bisonó affirms that the subsidies are guarantees of stability in the country during the world crisis.


Santo Domingo, DR: The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Mipymes, Víctor -Ito- Bisonó, stressed that as a liberal republican, his plan A is hardly a subsidy scheme, but due to the crisis that the Luis Government has had to assume Abinader, “these are guarantors of the precious stability that the country has today,” he said.


The minister referred to the issue when participating in the discussion “The commitment of public leadership,” organized by the Council for Economic and Social Development of Santo Domingo (CODESSD), adding that the subsidies are exceptional and will be maintained whenever necessary. However, he clarified that they are not called to be perpetual.


When answering a question from moderator Felipe Rodríguez about the challenges of his management at MICM in the face of the global crisis, Bisonó recorded that the current administration took office amid a situation that he described as “apocalyptic.”

The official stressed that “the numbers are there” and gave an example of the figures registered in free zones, support for MSMEs, investment in industries, training for entrepreneurs, and more than 40 billion pesos destined to subsidize fuels.

“We received the chaos and today we have order, investment and growth,” emphasized Bisonó during the conversation at the JW Marriott hotel in Santo Domingo.

Bisonó answered various questions related to the personal sphere and his leadership perspectives, as well as the role that his family plays in his political position, the principles that govern his career and his life, his experiences in public functions, perspectives for those who aspire to the politics and other topics.

Regarding his political experience and as a legislator, he shared his expertise with Doña Marina Liriano, a respected and admired figure in Cristo Rey who trained her relatives and many others in the community, who saw in her a great example. . protective mother.

He shared that when he started, part of the voters took him seriously because he had the endorsement of Mrs. Mariana Liriano. He also explained that, when he came to Congress, he had the privilege of having Licelotte Marte as a mentor in the legislative bloc, who had been Minister of Finance at the time of one of the most transformative reforms the country has known.

The activity was attended by business people from civil society, media directors, and university rectors.

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