Businessman Genaro López is torn between life and death after a violent altercation where a man was killed in Vuelta Larga.


Vuelta Larga, Imbert, Puerto Plata, RD: In a confusing incident that led to a discussion that evolved into a violent act, the technology entrepreneur Genaro López Lebrón is torn between life and death in a private health center in this province after having received a dangerous stab wound in the lower part of his abdomen that endangered some internal organs, on the night of Sunday, April 2.

According to information, which the newspaper El Faro Latino has not been able to confirm independently, the young Junior Manuel Henríquez García would have penetrated the canopy of a property belonging to the family of the technological entrepreneur Genaro López Lebrón and began to urinate, which is why He received reproach from several people who were in the surroundings, including the businessman. Immediately afterward, the young Junior Manuel Henríquez García reacted violently, starting a heated discussion that ended in a violent altercation between him and López Lebrón.Junior Manuel Henríquez García, deceased.
According to an eyewitness source, who spoke by telephone with the El Faro Latino newspaper on condition of anonymity, Junior Manuel Henríquez García fled the scene heading for his home, returning in the company of an aunt, only identified as “More” and a cousin of the deceased, identified as Steven, both with stones in their hands and shouting a series of insults. In contrast, the dead, Henríquez García, brandished a knife, a steel dagger type, that he held in one of his hands in a threatening manner.

Junior Manuel Henríquez García, (deceased).
Junior Manuel Henríquez García, (deceased).

“At that moment, Junior Manuel Henríquez García took several stones and began to throw them in the direction of López Lebrón’s vehicle, reaching the truck on at least one occasion, an act that caused Genaro to get out of the vehicle, an occasion that he took advantage of to inflicting a dangerous stab on him that left him seriously injured, perforating from side to side and affecting some internal organs, immediately afterward, using a weapon that the businessman carries with his permission, he fired at the man, fatally hitting him in the head in what appeared to be an act of self-defense,” the local narrated to this editor.


The lifeless body of Junior Manuel Henríquez García was lifted by personnel from the National Institute of Forensic Sciences (INACIF) and taken to the Institute of Forensic Pathology of Santiago de los Caballeros to undergo local examinations, being returned to his relatives in the town de Vuelta Larga this Monday, April 3 in the afternoon. His remains are being veiled in his home, and tomorrow, they will give him a sacred burial in the Vuelta Larga municipal cemetery.

The event has left this quiet little community, located just 8 kilometers from its main municipality, Imbert, in dismay and two distinguished families in grief and confusion.

This is a developing story; please refer to this newspaper for more updates.


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