Businessman William Schuwerer launches candidacy for overseas deputy for the PLD, promising to make a difference.


By Miguel Cruz Tejada

NEW YORK._ The prestigious construction businessman, William Schuwerer, launched his candidacy for overseas deputy for the PLD on Thursday night, March 12, at a crowded event held in a restaurant in Upper Manhattan, promising that if elected, he will make a difference.
“When I left the country like all our compatriots, the anxiety of getting closer to a better life did not limit me to seeing our reality as migrants, the cold, the distance in people and discrimination, were things that in my world, Moca did not I knew,” he said in the main speech.
Among his main proposals, he put remittances first, saying that “under enormous sacrifices, under infinite and different circumstances, this little, sacred money, month after month, is received by our family in the country, more than $10 billion dollars a year, the second economic entry into the country after tourism, we demand respect for that, favorable laws for our compatriots when they arrive in the country to spend and invest”.
He argued that the costs of flights to the Dominican Republic and the mistreatment and disregard for us as third-class citizens are incredibly abusive.
“And where they are, what they have done or what they have on the agenda seven deputies whose faces few people know? It is time for such a large and permanent market to have its national airline, and this point in the particular thing for me is of the first order.
Referring to housing for Dominicans abroad, he explained that there are many complaints, scams, and unfulfilled promises are the daily bread for Dominicans who dream of having a roof in their homeland; the office of all representatives from abroad must constantly keep an eye on those complaints, save a lifetime by working hard, respect.
He also promised to work to reduce passports, criticizing the high cost of booklets and consular services. “The consulate general of the republic cannot continue to be a campaign payment or a prize for a man to become rich, and where do you think those millions come from, since nobody defends us, it is as we say in Moca, We walk like lawless goats, at the moment that foreign representatives exert pressure, I promise that at least we will tie the goat, long live our country, long live our Dominican workers, long live the homeland,” the candidate pointed out.
The candidate, who was preceded in the speeches by the community activist Francisco Spies and the PLD leader Osiris López, who coincided in highlighting his merits and career, political, business, family, and community, said that the seven current overseas deputies of the PRM They are ghosts that do not show their faces to solve the problems that afflict Dominicans abroad.
“The first thing is that no one has set up an office where you can claim. I make a promise that from the day I am elected my office will be open in New York City,” he added.
“The community can count on that and me and the complaints will go to that office and we will register them and listen to the community, there has not been the first one here to open an office and there are in all parties, including mine,” exposed the applicant.
“So, where are you going to claim, there is nowhere to claim, but I promise you that I will open the office paid for by me, because they are not going to pay me,” he added.
Schuwerer maintained that he would keep the office open because he would not only work in Congress but also remain in the diaspora in defense of the interests of the Dominican community.
He assured me that he would open the office before he won the elections because he is a person who likes to do good to others.
“Many of you have known me for many years, seeing me in the community and in the media and I will open the office to give back to the community some of what it has given, because it has given me a lot, how much or how little it has given me, I am going to return it and I will work with the community,” he said.
“I promise you that I am going to do things differently,” he stressed.
He explained that he had traveled quite a bit in America’s #1 constituency, where there are many concerns and complaints so that many things can be done for the community.
“One can submit many laws for the benefit of our compatriots, such as a housing plan that contributes the second highest income of dollars to the country, after tourism and nobody has done anything with that money,” he specified.
“No one has done anything for anyone here, in the networks they say that overseas deputies are bottles and it is true, they are bottles,” he added.
Schuwerer intends to recover the hope of Dominicans abroad, whom he will motivate to vote.
“We all have to work together, and I’m going.


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