Campaign of RFK Jr. Launches Petition Urging Biden to Release Documents on the Assassination of John F. Kennedy


(The author is a Latin consultant for American Values 2024)


New York: Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., endorsed by the America Values 2024 Super Pac, addressed the American people regarding the assassination of his uncle, President John F. Kennedy, the thirty-fifth President of the United States. The tragic event occurred on Friday, November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas, at 12:30 p.m. Kennedy is demanding, through a petition, that Americans call on President Biden to comply with the 1992 law and make public the documents related to the assassination of his uncle, President Kennedy.


On November 22, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign launched a petition demanding that President Biden fulfill his promise and release all JFK assassination documents, as mandated by law. “Trust in the government is at its lowest. The release of complete and uncensored historical records will help restore that trust,” said RFK Jr.

As the petition explains, the 1992 Kennedy Assassination Records Act required the release of all records related to JFK’s assassination by 2017. Trump refused to do so, and Biden has also declined. “What is so shameful that they fear showing the American public 60 years later?” asks Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Using his home in Los Angeles, California, as a backdrop, RFK Jr. expressed, “The assassination of John F. Kennedy left an indelible scar on the American psyche. Everyone alive at that time can remember where they were that day,” said Bobby Kennedy.

“Of all the legacies my uncle left to our country, one has yet to be fulfilled. During his tenure, he championed a vision of the United States as a nation of peace, a vision abandoned after his death. Over the next 60 years, we maintained a military empire, wasting trillions of dollars as our economy drained and our health and infrastructure declined,” said RFK Jr.

“My promise to the American people is to return them to the path of peace that JFK led us on when, shortly before his death, he issued a national security directive to withdraw U.S. advisors from Vietnam. Instead, we will take a path back to peace and prosperity for our country,” assured Bobby Kennedy.

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