Canada will continue to search for countries to set up an aid office for Haiti.


CANADA.- After the refusal of the Dominican Republic to allow the installation of an office to coordinate international security assistance to Haiti.

The Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded to the Reuters news agency by stating that it continues to work with 20 countries and international organizations to strengthen the Haitian police and increase the security of Haiti.

Likewise, he indicated that he maintains the ongoing conversations “to finalize a location that supports the work of the group in geographical proximity.”


Reuters indicates that the statement does not establish where else the office will be located in the Caribbean, given the Dominican refusal.

The Dominican Republic declared on Friday, June 16, that “it has not discussed, agreed or granted” authorization to Canada to set up an office on the national territory to coordinate international security assistance to the Haitian National Police, declared Foreign Minister Roberto Álvarez, later that Canadian media such as Radio-Canada, the Toronto Star, and the Canadian Press echoed information indicating that an agreement had been reached to set up a Canadian aid office for Haiti in the country.

“The Dominican Government confirms that it has not discussed, agreed or granted any authorization for the installation in our territory of an office to coordinate support for the Haitian National Police, as indicated by information from a Canadian media,” the official said in his Twitter account. Twitter.


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