CARICOM Meeting concludes where issues on financing, energy, Haiti, and food security were discussed


Santo Domingo.- President Luis Abinader concluded tonight his participation in the meeting with the members of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), where issues were discussed on access to international financing (World Bank, IMF, IDB), food security and energy, as well as the political and insecurity crisis that Haiti is experiencing.


The Government of the United States, represented by its Vice President, Kamala Harris, welcomed the opportunity to continue discussions with CARICOM members on key issues after being addressed at the 2023 CARICOM-US Strategic Dialogue, on the occasion of the launch United States-Caribbean Partnership to address the 2030 climate crisis and the 2022 Summit of the Americas.


In addition, the US government said it believes that continued high-level engagement will strengthen alliances and promote hemispheric unity.

previous meetings

Before participating in the CARICOM meeting, the president held a meeting with the Dominican diaspora who works as bricklayers, carpenters, businessmen, mechanics, master builders, beauty stylists, and professionals from different branches who have resided in the Bahamas for some years.

Addressing his compatriots, the head of state said that they fill the country with pride and urged them to maintain good behavior, honor the name of the Dominican Republic, and not forget their land.

He highlighted the need to have a formal representation, first with a consulate and then with an embassy of the Dominican Republic, given the number of Dominicans residing here and the important commercial relations that may have a greater volume of exchange.

In this sense, he stated that work will be done to have more frequent flights between the two territories for the transport of passengers and cargo and thereby increase bilateral trade.

“You deserve that representation and so does the Bahamas given its strategic and geographical importance, which is why we are going to move as quickly as possible,” said the president.

He announced that he will seek with the Vice Minister of Consular Affairs of the Foreign Ministry to reduce the time for Creoles in this territory to receive their passports.

The Dominicans took the opportunity to request the installation here of an office of the Central Electoral Board (JCE).

President Abinader took the opportunity to remind them that the electoral issue is not a matter of the Government, but of the entity responsible for the elections and that it has to be approved by all the political parties because it must be something of a consensus.

At the meeting, the people of Quisqueyan highlighted and appreciated that President Abinader met with them to listen to them and took the opportunity to take photos with the Dominican ruler.

Foreign Minister Roberto Álvarez participated in the meeting with the diaspora; the Minister of Finance, Jochi Vicente; Ambassador Angie Shakira Martínez, and the president of the Association of Dominican Residents in the Bahamas.

The Dominican president traveled accompanied by Foreign Minister Álvarez and Minister Vicente, as well as General Jimmy Arias Grullón, head of the Presidential Security Corps (CUSEP), as well as his assistants Eilyn Beltrán and Mercedes Pichardo.



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