Cónsul Eligio Jáquez leads the 2nd edition of recognizing deserving young people abroad.


New York: The honorable Dominican consul in the Big Apple, Eligio Jáquez, led the second edition of the Recognition of Meritorious Youth Abroad on Tuesday, January 9, 2024. This event is part of the activities of the 2024 National Youth Award.


In addition to Consul Eligio Jáquez, Vice Consul Jessica Monegro, the event coordinator in New York, and Miguel Cohn, in charge of the Commercial Investment and Tourism Section, were present, along with other consular officials.


Representing the Executive Power were Victor Sánchez, Advisor to the Executive Power for Special Projects; Henry Domínguez, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Youth; and Luis Antonio Feliz, Coordinator of the National Youth Award of the Ministry of Youth, among other special guests.

The event was hosted by Ramona Almonte, Director of Community Affairs at the Dominican Consulate in New York. It featured motivational words from Quemuel Arroyo, Director of Accessibility at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), who was honored with the Outstanding Young Person Abroad award in 2023 and the Mr. Oscar de la Renta Award in its last edition.

Presentations were also made by Deputy Minister Domínguez, Luis Antonio Feliz, and Consul Eligio Jáquez, among others.

The following list comprises young individuals who were recognized as finalists for a subsequent competition for the 2024 National Youth Award:

  1. Rafael David Sánchez Machado
  2. Lauren Almiris Taveras
  3. Francis Javielys Mateo
  4. Alexa Torres
  5. Steven Monegro
  6. Damalee Arias
  7. Kiara Tollinchi
  8. Yohaimy Rosario
  9. Esmirna Paredes
  10. Edwin Isael Rijo
  11. Scarlyn Cabral
  12. Eridenia Lora
  13. Michael Rodríguez
  14. Diego Ventura


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