Coral and Coral 5G case files will go to trial, says prosecutor Jonathan Elías Pérez Furcal


SANTO DOMINGO.- The representative of the Public Ministry, Jonathan Elías Pérez Furcal, assured that the Coral and Coral 5G Cases would be brought to trial, where he says they will demonstrate the validity of each of the accusations that have been presented.


“We will see it at the trial stage because we know that it will have an opening at this stage, which is what corresponds,” said the prosecutor about the process that is in the preliminary process.


He pointed out that the defense of Rossy Guzmán Sánchez (La Pastora) and police corporal Tanner Antonio Flete Guzmán (son of the nun), accused in Operation Coral, continue to be unable to counter the accusation presented by the Public Ministry.

“The defenses can stop there and say what they understand, it is their right to argue what they want, however, the reality is that none of the arguments that he brought today were only words, they could counter the evidence presented by the Public Ministry and that eventually they will demonstrate in a trial when we are at that stage, that Único Real Estate, Rossy Guzmán, and Tanner Flete, are part of this money laundering structure, which was led by Adán Cáceres, Juan Carlos Torres Rubio, and Alejandro De Aza,” Perez Furcal said.

The prosecutor of the Special Prosecutor’s Office for the Prosecution of Administrative Corruption (Pepca), who spoke to the press after leaving the hearing this Monday at the Ciudad Nueva Palace of Justice, reiterated that the solidity of the file presented by the organ of justice overcomes any doubt that the defenses want to sow about the participation of these defendants in this network of corruption.

“The reality is that none of the arguments that he used have any effect in relation to the accusation of the Public Ministry, which is certainly a solid accusation, beyond any doubt,” said the member of the Public Ministry.

Judge Yanibet Rivas Méndez of the Sixth Investigating Court of the National District recessed for next Friday, April 14, at 9:00 in the morning, the continuation of the preliminary hearing of the Coral/Coral5G case.

The hearing is known for reasons of space in the room of the First Collegiate Court of the National District.

In the process, the accusing body requested the opening of a trial against Major General Adán Cáceres Silvestre, General Juan Carlos Torres Robiou, and the others accused of being part of the network of administrative corruption dismantled with the Coral and Coral 5G operations.

Among those accused of Operation Coral, in addition to Cáceres Silvestre, there are also Rossy Guzmán Sánchez (La Pastora), police corporal Tanner Antonio Flete Guzmán (son of the nun), police colonel Rafael Núñez de Aza and Army sergeant Alejandro José Montero Cruz.

While Operation Coral 5G, derived from Coral, is prosecuted in addition to General Torres Robiou (FARD), Boanerges Reyes Batista (ARD) and Julio Camilo de los Santos Viola (FARD), as well as the captain of the ship (ARD) Franklin Mata Flores and José Manuel Rosario Pirón.

The process is also being followed against Carlos Lantigua, Alfredo Pichardo, Erasmo Roger Pérez, Jehohanan Lucía Rodríguez, Yehudy Blandesmil Guzmán, and Esmeralda Ortega Polanco.

The accusing body filed charges in this process against 48 people, 30 natural persons and 18 legal persons, who are accused of defrauding the Dominican State with more than 4,000 million pesos.

The network of corruption operated in the Presidential Security Corps (Cusep), the Specialized Tourist Security Corps (Cestur), and the National Council for Children and Adolescents (Conani).



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