Council Member Rivera, Senator Gillibrand, Advocates Announce Historic Street Safety Investment


Nueva York: Our downtown communities experience dangerous traffic conditions daily, and Delancey Street is no exception. It is one of the most egregious examples of roads that must be redesigned to protect the well-being and lives of New Yorkers and among the many Carlina is working to address in the coalition.

Neighbors have been fighting to improve this corridor’s safety for many years. Council Member Rivera joined colleagues and advocates to announce a significant investment from the Biden administration that supports substantial changes and the study of micro-mobility options to improve street safety holistically.

Our office looks forward to being a partner in the work to improve this vital connection, and our representatives in Congress have committed to working to secure further infrastructure investments. We must expand open space, improve the bike, bus, and subway infrastructure, reduce car traffic on our streets, incentivize multi-modal transportation, and make choices to enhance accessibility for all.


This month the Council’s Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure welcomed testimony on two important topics: safer streets and our city’s Access-A-Ride program. Carlina’s team has been working with local civic groups, block associations, and advocates on these issues and welcoming recommendations on local improvements. We believe the five boroughs should be the most pedestrian-friendly city in the U.S. and that public transportation requires expansion and further investment. Carlina will appeal directly to Governor Hochul to make these improvements to District 2 and beyond.


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