Court establishes a suspended sentence of 3 to 7 years for members of the network of César “El Abusador.”


Judge Franchesca Pontentini of the Second Investigating Court of the National District approved the agreement reached by the Public Ministry with those involved in the case of César Emilio Peralta (César “El Abusador”), allowing suspended sentences ranging from three to seven years in prison.


The magistrate accepted the agreement presented by the Specialized Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Prosecutor’s Office, the National District Prosecutor’s Office, and ten criminal network members of César “El Abusador.”


In the case, the court sentenced Heriberto de la Cruz Pérez to seven years in prison; José Bernabé Quiterio to six years; Marisol Mercedes Franco, Peralta’s sentimental partner, as well as Yadher Rafael Jaquez Araujo, Alan Gilbert Bueno Alcequiez, Rodolfo Cedeño Ureña, Lidio Peña Mota, Rafael Reyes, and Natanael Castro Cordero (a) Nato, the court imposed five years in prison suspended and three years in the same condition to Johanny Paniagua Peña de Rombley, who accepted their guilt and reached an agreement with the Public Ministry.

In this process, 15 company names linked to the criminal network were dissolved, these being: Kaprich Dance Club, París Auto Detailing (Paris Bar and Lounge), De Niño Siempre Frías, Praga Auto Detailing (Prague Bar Disco), D’Jovanny Bar Disco, Koss Louge (Play Room RD Bar And Lounge), Génesis SRL, Inversiones Cedeño Ureña SRL, Inkoutyn Five SRL (La Koura Club), Damisel Ropas, Accesorios y Más, SA, Suplinka SRL, VIP ROOM SRL, Flow Gallery Lounge SRL, FLW & Asociados and UNLIMITED DANCE Discote (Aqua Club).

In addition, 11 luxury properties, towers, and sectors of the high economic level of the National District and the Santo Domingo province, as well as 12 vehicles (nine of their jeeps and cars of brands such as Lexus, Mercedes Benz, and Toyota, and three motorcycles), three firearms for non-civilian use, military ammunition, cartridges for 9MM pistol-type firearms, and 12-gauge shotguns.

Fines of 200 minimum wages were imposed on the defendants, estimated at 18 million Dominican pesos.

To the defendant Johanny Paniagua, a fine of 10 minimum wages in the public sector, amounting to about 100,000 Dominican pesos.

Similarly, more than 1 million Dominican pesos and 100,000 US and Canadian dollars were confiscated, as well as all the assets immobilized by court orders issued by the Coordination of the Investigating Courts of the National District and state-of-the-art electronic devices. Generation luxury garments include gold rings with white stones, diamonds, watches, etc.

Among the rules imposed are the non-use of firearms, providing public utility services, and appearing periodically before the Judge of the Execution of the Sentence of the National District, who will evaluate compliance with the sentence.



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