David Collado assures RD will close the year with 9.8 million tourists


DOMINICAN REPUBLIC.- The Dominican Republic will close the year with 9.8 million tourists, Tourism Minister David Collado said on Monday, announcing that this March is projected to be “the best month” in the sector’s history.

Projections indicate that 7.8 million tourists will arrive in the country by air and 1.9 million by cruise ship, for a total of 9.8 million visitors, if nothing happens, Collado said in statements to the press.

“For the first time, the Dominican Republic will reach 9.7 or 9.8 million tourists and for the first time we will approach or almost reach the famous 10 million,” he said, referring to the goal that the nation has set for some time, which has in tourism its main source of foreign currency.

The immediate challenge is to “continue improving air connectivity,” explained the minister, who cited some of the efforts being made in this direction, such as the agreements recently signed with the Cóndor airline to cover several routes in charge of Air France.

The Dominican Republic received a record 1.8 million tourists between January and February.



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