Different personalities sympathize with Mayor Abel Martínez for the death of his mother.


Santiago de los Caballeros, DR: The Vice President of the Republic, Raquel Peña; Leonel Fernández, president of La Fuerza del Pueblo; and the chief prosecutor of Santiago, Osvaldo Bonilla, among other personalities, made an appearance in solidarity with the mayor of Santiago for the death of his mother, Mrs. Mélida Durán.


“We come to show solidarity with our friend Abel Martínez for the irreparable loss of his mother. It is a really painful moment where no one wants it to come, but being grateful for his mother’s life is the best way to remember a fruitful life, which positively impacted all of Mrs. Durán’s children,” said the vice president.


Likewise, Peña indicated that “solidarity, condolences, in difficult times, that’s where you show that you are a friend of your friend, and Abel has been a friend of ours for many years… we love him, we respect him as a human being, and in this moment of pain we want to be with him”.

Likewise, Leonel Fernández expressed that on behalf of his party, he came “to offer our condolences to our friend Abel Martínez, mayor of this city of Santiago… I share his pain and the emptiness this represents; we wanted to be here today, sharing this moment so special to him and his whole family.

“We have shared for many years, it is a very significant moment for him, the death of his mother who has lived 95 years, for one, it is always a very short period, one never wants his mother to die,” he added.

Likewise, Fernández spoke about the memories he shared with Mrs. Mélida at different times.
“I greeted her on multiple occasions, I had interesting dialogues with her because she was an educator, she had a very clear vision of the role of education for the transformation of the country.”

The mother of Abel Martínez and fourteen other children died at 95 after being hospitalized for 16 days.

Due to the death of Mrs. Durán, this Monday, the 15th, and the afternoon of last Sunday were declared days of Municipal Mourning by the Municipal Council of the Santiago City Council.



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