Digital communicator José Zabala is appointed Director of Communications for the 4th version of “Quisqueya es Moda” to be held at New York Fashion Week.


By Luis Hidalgo
New York- The designer Evangelina Reyes Fermín, founder and director of the organization “Quisqueya es Moda,” appointed the digital communicator and content creator Jose Zabala as Communications Director of the 4th version “Quisqueya es Moda” to be the week of the New York fashion this September 9, 2023 which will be dedicated to the great Dominican designer Giannina Azar and will be at the Nuestra Señora de Lourdes School, at 468 W 143rd St, New York September 9, 2023 starting at 5: 00 pm. For more information, call 1-347-653-7705 and visit @quisqueyaesmoda on Instagram.

Reyes Fermín said that the communicator, José Zabala, is a very experienced professional who has worked with the institution and knows it well. Therefore, she decided to leave him the responsibility of the organization’s communications. “He is a great professional, and our team trusts his work.”

It should be noted that the Director of Communications in a fashion institution plays a fundamental role in promoting and building the brand’s image and creating solid relationships with the media and target audience. His work contributes to the visibility and success of the institution in the fashion industry.


“In New York Fashion Week, one of the most important events in the fashion industry and I, as director of communications for “Quisqueya es Moda,” will be a great challenge for me and a great opportunity that has been presented to me thanks to bye-bye. Thanks to the designer Evangelina Reyes Fermín for trusting in the informative work we have been doing in the community and the world as a digital communicator. We are focused on the success of the 4th version of “Quisqueya es Moda,” With everyone’s support, we will continue to achieve it as in previous years,” said José Zabala on Al Día TV Más.

The blogger José Zabala, as he is known in the media, is the editor of the digital portals Zabala Al Día and Al Día TV Más, which enjoy great prestige and credibility in the community. As Director of Communications of an institution, “Quisqueya es Moda,” he will manage and supervise all the activities related to the communication of the institution in question. His role is crucial to promote the institution’s brand and image and maintain effective communication internally and externally.

Some of the typical responsibilities of the will be Communication Strategy: Develop a comprehensive communication strategy that includes the promotion of the institution, its events, collections and achievements. Public Relations: Manage the institution’s public relations, which provides for establishing and maintaining relationships with the media, journalists and other influencers in the field of fashion. Internal Communication: Ensure effective communication within the institution, ensuring that all departments are aligned with the communication strategy and that staff are informed about events and activities. Social Networks and Digital Marketing: Supervise the institution’s presence on social networks, websites and other digital platforms to promote the brand and fashion collections.

Also, Event Management: Organize and promote fashion-related events, such as fashion shows, presentations and exhibitions. Crisis Communication: Manage crisis communication, such as controversies or public image problems. Collaborations and Alliances: Seek and establish partnerships and strategic alliances with other brands and fashion designers. Results Analysis: Evaluate the effectiveness of communication strategies through monitoring metrics and feedback from the audience.

More from Quisqueya is Fashion:

Quisqueya es Moda is a way to highlight the presence and importance of fashion and creativity in the Dominican culture and lifestyle, highlighting designs, talents and creative expressions representing the Dominican Republic in the fashion world. Fashion. This could include fashion designers and other aspects of style in the country, such as events, exhibitions, and projects that celebrate the rich Dominican culture and identity through the language of fashion.

Quisqueya es Moda has featured prestigious designers such as Leonel Lirio, Mercy Jaquez, Sully Bonnelly, and Giannina Azar, among others, who have left their mark on each of the institution’s presentations.


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