Director of the SNS asks to toughen the Traffic Law and criminalize traffic accidents


SANTO DOMINGO.-The director of the National Health Service, Mario Lama, advocated this Monday for the traffic law to be toughened so that those who cause accidents while driving motor vehicles under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances are criminalized.


He argued that motorcycle drivers also have to be more rigid because they are costing the State a very high investment in hospital centers to deal with the number of accidents in which these vehicles are involved.


“The most important factor in the loss of life continues to be traffic accidents. That same pattern is repeated year after year, constantly,” said Dr. Lama, interviewed on Hoy Mismo Super 7.

He stated that traffic accidents are highly linked to the consumption of alcoholic beverages and that motors carry sixty percent of accidents.

“Motors continue to be the most affected, it is the main means of transportation in a vulnerable population that has less access to vehicles and often does not wear helmets properly,” said the director of the National Health Service.

Mario Lama said that motorcycles are involved in more than sixty percent of traffic accidents.

In this sense, he asked the National Congress to toughen traffic laws regarding accidents that only have civil sanctions, but not criminal ones.



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