Dominican Consul in New York, Eligio Jáquez, organizes gathering with El Faro Latino and prominent communicators.


New York: The Dominican consul in this city, Eligio Jáquez, received on Wednesday, June 7, at the offices of the Dominican consulate in this city, the communicators, Esteban Cabrera, director of the newspaper El Faro Latino, the veteran Rolando Robles (El Jabalí), director of the magazine “El Rumbo de Nueva York,” accompanied by Elías Barreras Corporán, José Torres (Mustache) and José Cross.

The meeting discussed various issues and plans that the Dominican government has headed by President Luis Abinader, for the rapid development of multiple projects whose initiatives have come from the consulate itself, its incumbent, Eligio Jáquez, and a host of advisers, such as Dr. Lantigua, among others, that will directly positively impact the Dominican community in the Big Apple.

It transpired unofficially that one of those projects is the socialization for the acquisition by the Dominican state of a building that will house the consulate and all the Dominican institutions established in New York, which will allow Dominicans to have all the services of the Dominican state concentrated in the same place, which will represent a saving of time and hundreds of thousands of dollars each month.


“Today we share a relaxed gathering with the communicators Esteban Cabrera, director of Faro Latino, one of the most read digital newspapers in NY, and the veteran Rolando Robles, our appreciated Jabalí. He accompanied us Elías Barreras and José Torrez. The time was well used ”, highlighted the consul Eligio Jáquez on his Twitter account.

From his visit to the consulate in New York, after being appointed by President Luis Abinader through decree 354-20, Eligio Jáquez has changed the perception of the Dominican diaspora regarding the quality of consular services and their level of integration in life everyday New Yorker. He has been a staunch defender of the advancement of Dominicans in commerce, sports, and culture. He has an excellent relationship with elected officials of Dominican origin in state bodies that influence decision-making at the city, state, and federal levels, always looking to strengthen the Dominican community.
Eligio Jáquez, since his arrival at this important diplomatic delegation, began to consider Dominicans residing in the US as true heroes of the Dominican and US economy, highlighting the importance of the economic contribution of this community on both sides. He affirms that they are the support of those who are here and there, regardless of the sacrifice that this implies.

According to data from the Institute of Dominicans Abroad (Index), with information from the United States Census Bureau (updated as of May 30, 2022), 2,094,222 reside here, of which 842,307 (40.2%) are in the state of Nueva York. The rest are in New Jersey (343,725), Florida (254,148), Massachusetts (157,027), and Pennsylvania (133,560), among other states.


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