Dominican Consulate in New York denies and clarifies the complaint published by Alexander Olivence.


(Warning: this is an article from an external source, so it does not reflect the point of view of the newspaper El Faro Latino nor do we take care of making verifications because it is the absolute responsibility of its authors).

New York: The Dominican Consulate based in this city categorically denied this Saturday a complaint published in the newspaper El Faro Latino made by the coordinator of social networks, Alexander Olivence, which was published in this newspaper on March 7 under the title: “They name a well-known PLD militant in the Dominican consulate in NY.

The denial was sent to the editorial staff of the newspaper El Faro Latino in a letter addressed to our director in which Olivence’s complaint is not only denied but also clearly explains the events and offers a forceful defense of the moral and ethical values with which that the incumbent, Eligio Jáquez, has handled himself since he arrived at the consulate of this important city.

Below is the letter addressed to the newspaper El Faro Latino on behalf of the Dominican Consul General based in New York, Eligio Jáquez, signed by Rafael Santos, Press Director, and Elías Barreras Corporán, Public Relations Officer:

Clarification to the newspaper El Faro Latino

Mr. Esteban Cabrera

Director of El Faro Latino

Distinguished director:

First, we want to greet you with the usual warmth of our relationship and then, knowing your adherence to the absolute truth and the seriousness with which you have handled yourself from the direction of El Faro Latino, request the right to reply to information spilled on its pages.

This is the opinion of a person that we do not have the honor to know and who signs with the name of Alexander Olivence, the “defender of the PRM bases,” from what we assume, is a militant of our Modern Revolutionary Party, or At least try to look like it.

The issue of the complaint filed by Mr. Olivence, rather than harming the people mentioned, allows us to clarify some concepts related to disseminating the truth, which we recognize has always been one of his great concerns.

The observations on the facts described by Mr. Olivence are as follows:

When the eng. Eligio Jáquez took office in August 2020; he found 240 employees there, including 50 Vice Consuls; before December of the same year, 2020, 217 were canceled, and the law that protects the remaining 23 was respected.
The party then recommended 147 employees, distributed among the three (3) consulates in the tri-state area.
All of them, including (the 147), are leaders and militants recommended by the government party.
These are simple facts in the light of anyone who wants to confirm them. Still, we want to specify something that we all must observe since it is why the Dominican people voted overwhelmingly for President Luis Abinader and his party.

The president promised to correct the great wrongs existing in the Dominican State. There were 50 vice-consuls when the law says there can only be five (5), as indeed there are in this administration. Luis Abinader promised to “correct,” not perpetuate the “frolic” and much less multiply it.

It is worth clarifying about Mrs. Gabriela Suárez, the supposed “trusted secretary” of Consul Jáquez, to which Mr. Olivence alludes. Before arriving at Consul Jáquez’s ante-office in New York, Mrs. Suárez worked two days a week for the organization “EDUCA” in an agreement to support education in the Community Department of the Dominican Consulate in New York.

Upon the arrival of Mr. Carlos Castillo, appointed Consul General of the Dominican Republic in New York by President Danilo Medina of the PLD, he brought his secretary, Mrs. María Denise Rodríguez, who served for some time in the Consulate of New York. York.

At a time when Mrs. Rodríguez had to return to Quisqueya, a vacancy was created for the position she held, and Mrs. Gabriela Suárez was hired in her place; she has one of the most impressive CVs in terms of “management of an office of great responsibility and activity,” such as that of the Consul General of the DR in New York.

Mrs. Suarez is considered the “ideal secretary” for officials who deal with personalities of great importance, such as Dominicans who live in the USA. This adjective is not funny, nor is it because we are celebrating International Women’s Day, but because of her great capacity for work and her excellent treatment of visitors to the Dominican Consulate in NYC. Furthermore, we must admit that the Consul’s daily schedule is overwhelming, and she handles it with remarkable enthusiasm in both languages.

Another point that needs to be specified is that of Mrs. Luribel González, who is not part of the 23 employees protected as “career” by current law. She is a specialist in recruitment and human resources management. She graduated with high honors from the University of Utah, receiving a scholarship and an investment from the Dominican State for her training. About Luribel González there is not much to argue; her story speaks for itself.

Regarding the case of Miss Reyna Abreu, who was interviewed to work in the Consulate’s Information Technology Section, it must be clarified that she was not hired for reasons specific to the functions the institution demands and needs to be in conditions to meet. We are very sorry that we cannot offer a decent job to a young woman; and Dominican for others.

Regarding the Special Assistant to Consul Jáquez, who allegedly bought a car for $49,000, it seems that the information does not correspond to the reality of the automobile market in the United States. To sell the vehicle in question, the dealer received from the person interested in purchasing another car valued by the same dealer at $30,000. The difference was financed by Ford Credit, with a loan that obliges the buyer to pay 72 consecutive monthly payments. A very ordinary transaction carried out by Dominicans who enjoy a simple credit level.

However, despite the wild nature of this complaint presented -with all rights- by Mr. Olivence, we note that he was surprised in his good faith by some people who -from within the consulate- sought to distort the intention and content of the preaching of President Luis Abinader.

It is not about passing a “roller” and making everyone who is not sympathetic to the Government disappear from the payroll. This Government is for all Dominicans, not exclusively for the friends and fellow party members of our President Luis Abinader and Consul Eligio Jáquez. In no way will this evil practice be banished from the Dominican State because we are changing!

Infinite thanks to the newspaper El Faro Latino for publishing our reply.

Rafael Santos, Press Director, Elías Barreras Corporán, Public Relations Officer for the Dominican Consulate in New York.



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