Dominican Consulate would be playing politics with undocumented immigrants who come to Philadelphia for a “PHL CITY ID” card.


By Esteban Cabrera


Philadelphia, PA: The Pennsylvania Dominican consulate, based in this city, would be politically manipulating vulnerable Dominicans who come to the offices of that delegation in search of the Philadelphia Identification Card, known as the “PHL CITY ID” Card, As reported by Professor Bienvenido Antonio Faulkner, exclusively for the television channel “El Faro TV” that will be broadcast tomorrow, Tuesday, March 7.


According to the renowned educator of Dominican origin, Bienvenido Antonio Faulkner, the Dominican consulate has made itself available to the authorities of the city of Philadelphia to be a kind of facilitator whose facilities the leaders come to. Once the consulate has many undocumented and vulnerable Dominicans, request the PHL card CITY ID, and call the authorities of the city of Philadelphia so that they come to the consulate to issue them. This card costs $5 for teens, $10 for adults, and free for those 65 and older.
This editor unsuccessfully sought the reaction of the consul Henríquez Martínez. Still, he did not respond to our call, and the other consular officials refused to give their opinion.

This editor unsuccessfully sought the reaction of the consul Henríquez Martínez. Still, he did not respond to our call, and the other consular officers refused to comment.

Yahaira Alcántara in the middle of the storm

“At the center of this scandal is Mrs. Yahaira Alcántara, who is supposedly the coordinator between the city of Philadelphia and the Dominican consulate. However, it is no secret to anyone in the Dominican community that this lady is a political leader of the PRM. It is no coincidence that she has been put to coordinate with the applicants for the municipal card and the city authorities, since she is also the ‘GROWTH MANAGER’ of the ruling party, the PRM”, warned Bienvenido Antonio Faulkner.

Always following the complaints made to the editorial staff of the newspaper El Faro Latino by Professor Faulkner, the Dominican consulate in Philadelphia is taking advantage of the high volume of people who come looking for identification to suggest that they register with the Central Electoral Board ( JCE) to vote in the Dominican elections, but they also take the opportunity to recruit them as new members of the official party; which deserves that the federal authorities of the state of Pennsylvania investigate to guarantee that the rights of people who have gone to that place only to look for the card called PHLCITY ID of the city of Philadelphia is not being violated and was manipulated for proselytizers.

“That would not be bad if not for the illegal practice of taking Dominicans who come because of the need for the PHL.CITY ID card and are born without them knowing it to the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) facilities just across the Consulate side.

“That is the political party to which the consul responsible for the delegation, Henríquez Martínez, belongs. Once there, they not only advise them to enroll in the JCE but, inelegantly, try to recruit them to enroll in the party official politician to which all the consular authorities belong, including Yahaira Alcántara, which is not ethical or moral, because they are using, not only the resources of the Dominican state to favor a political party, but also taking advantage of the vulnerability of the Dominicans who arrive looking for PHL CITY ID card”. Said Bienvenido Antonio Faulkner, also director of the NORTHEASTERN LEARNING CENTER.

“They are taking political advantage of the high volume of vulnerable Dominicans who are coming to Philadelphia attracted by the guarantees they find in it as a Sanctuary City, to make massive political affiliations in their favor,” he said.

“You know that with the PHL.CITY ID people can access municipal buildings, museums, recreational centers and even interact with the authorities. It is a form of identification for everyone with a photo. The card is to allow the inhabitants of Philadelphia to participate in our local activities. Applicants do not have to have nationality documentation,” concluded the professor, Bienvenido Antonio Faulkner.

This is a developing story; Check this newspaper for more updates.



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