Dominican Diario highlights the list of unfulfilled promises of President Abinader.


Santo Domingo, DR: The oldest newspaper in the Dominican Republic, “El Listín Diario,” published on Friday, under the name of the journalist Laura Cas”illo, an extensi”e list of the breeding promises of President Luis Abinader, which we then transcribe textually:

A few days after President Luis Abinader pronounced his third accountability speech before the National Assembly, some projects, works, and initiatives announcedr ago on the same sa year ago tage are not yet materialized.

In his speech on February 27 of last year, he praised the return to normal in the country after the incidence of the coronavirus and economic recovery and, in addition, highlighted the plans that he would prioritize or implement.


However, many of these works, mostly belonging to the health sector, road infrastructure, and public transport, was under the promise of a completion date that has been postponed over the days, leaving the Dominican people in suspense.

The hospitals

In the health sector, I have predicted that some hospitals would be delivered in 2022 and that, to date, they have not yet initiated their renewal, and others do not work in full.

The Father Billini Hospital, in the National District, until December only worked as a primary care unit despite having been formally inaugurated.

The Villa Hermosa Hospital in La Romana was delivered this week and will be enabled only for consultations in what is equipped, and the other diagnostic areas are open.

While the Mario Tolentino dipped hospital in Santo Domingo Norte, the Verón Hospital in La Altagracia, San José de las Matas, Jarabacoa, Dajabón, Esperanza, and Teófilo Hernández, in El Seibo, there are no start details.

By 2023 he also announced the construction of the hospital: Musa in San Pedro de Macorís, which recently restarted its remodeling in February 2022.

In addition, he promised to deliver Nisibón, Villa Vásquez, and the second stage of the San Vicente de Paul hospital. The latter was supervised in January last year.

Monte Grande Dam

In the speech, he declared “high priority” to construct the Monte Grande dams. He said he had the neces”ary “esources”to f”nish it before he finishes 2022, a forecast that still does not materialize.

Recently he made a new promise during a visit to the southern region. He informed me that the work would be ready for July this year. It is currently in a “92 percent” construction.

Cable car and subway

In his speech, Abinader promise” to “elive” two”major projects at the end of 2022. It is the extension of the Alcarrizos cable car, which, although formally supervised by the president, is not yet available to the population.

In addition to the construction and expansion of Line 1 of the underground, he said that he is “in process” and that in the middle of this year, the ability of the wagons wil” dou”le. A”cord”ng to user complaints, the degree of underground transport has remained the same and is fading.


On some occasions, Abinader said that in the Great Santo Domingo, the equestrian avenue, the expansion of San Isidro Avenue and Ecological Avenue, from Juan Bosch City to Juan Pablo Segundo Avenue (Northeast Highway) was being built.

EveryoneishEveryone was planned to finishEveryone was planned to finishEveryone was planned to finishEveryone was planned to finishEveryone was planned to finishEveryone was planned to finishEveryone was planned to finishEveryone was planned to finishEveryone was planned to finishished in 2022 and the first quarter of 2023. Some are still in progress.

By 2022, he said that the following road infrastructure would be finished: the repair of the Duarte road, and the Navarrete-Bonao section, which is still missing.

Baní’s road ring was also promised for this year and was paralyzed at thBaní’Baní’s of tBaní’sth.

On the Hato Mayor-Sabana de la Mar road, Barahona-Enriquillo; the Circunvalación de San Francisco (40 percent for February 2022); The Loma de Cabrera-Manuel Bueno-La Lana road and the reconstruction of the Hacienda Estrella-El Cacique highway (supervised in May 2022), not many details are known.

Two other works already inaugurated are the Azua Circunvalación route and the reconstruction of the El Matey-Las Yayas road in Altagracia.

The broken promise of constructing the Ambar highway that would go from Santiago to Puerto Plata, of a unique value for the tourist development of the North Coast, does not yet begin, leaving Puerto Plata connected only by the alley of death or Navarrete-Puerto Plata Road.

Works initiated

He said that by 2022 more than 23 new infrastructure projects were planned to generate jobs and develop different regions.

One of the latest works announced and initiated was the “Tourism Development Project of Pedernales,” which “will transform the lives of “he i”habitants “f the province of Pederna”es.””I e”plai”e” that th”y would do so in four phases for an average period of 10 y”ars,”of which, “o date, there have only been three years of management, and its execution could have been more formalized in 2023.

In this first phase, he announced that an international airport and a mall would be built. All the necessary basic infrastructure works would be completed, such as the construction of an aqueduct, a water treatment plant and an electric transmission system.

The reform began

Abinader said that he had to refer to the “deep transitions” that the implementation of the different reforms that he had on the agenda implied, which said they do not “pursue any personal interest or that have been hidden.”

The first and most desired by management is that of the Police, which has been a resounding failure, which includes salary increase, health insurance benefits, free transport in public service and scholarships for agents of agents In addition, improve the operational management of the body, infrastructure and community service.

Position in Haiti

In relation to the situation of Haiti, he spoke firm reiterating that the Dominican Republic cannot take care of the conflicts for which this country is going through. However, he submitted a Natimuerto bill to protect irregular migration in Dominican territory, considered a betrayal of the Dominican people.

Also, he announced several measures to protect the border that is shared with the Haitian territory, which have not been implemented and the transcment of undocumented and contrarages by the border is increasing.

An “border armor” plan announced with the Army of the Dominican Republic and the body specialized in border security and the construction of the border gate to have greater control of the migratory flows.

Despite these measures, the “Border Operation” was recently announced where a network of illegal Haitian traffickers was trapped in exchange for money, composed of civil and military.


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