Dominican Republic led bets in the US to beat Puerto Rico in the World Baseball Classic qualifying game.


By Miguel Cruz Tejada


NEW YORK._ The team that represented the Dominican Republic in the World Baseball Classic from which the ninth was eliminated last night at the Loan Park Depot stadium in Miami (Florida), led the bets in the United States, from Las Vegas (Nevada ), even in all states is bidding is legal.


The bets remained located at -2.5 (-114) for the Dominican Republic and +2.5 (-106) in favor of Puerto Rico.
The bettors who decided on the category plus put 10.5 (-102) and minus 10.5 (-120) to the two respective sets.

Baseball analysts and writers predicted a victory for the Dominicans due to the superstar roster, including all the pitchers they had, including Juan Soto, Manny Machado, Julio Rodríguez, Rafael Devers, the 2022 Cy Young Award winner, Sandy Alcántara He puts out fire Héctor Neris, among others, considered the most fearsome lineup comparable to the “Dream Team” of the United States.

The bets, the predictions, and the superiority in the role of the Dominican Republic were not enough to avoid defeat, which many describe as “dishonorable” 5 runs for 2.
The powerful offense of the Borinqueños started from the first part of the game that once again filled the stadium in Miami from top to bottom.

Puerto Rico qualified to advance today against Mexico, a team that overcame the barrier of Group C, while the Dominican Republic was in Group D, called the Group of Death, due to the high quality of the players that the teams that compete in that box have.
The predictions of victory for the Dominicans over the Puerto Ricans from bookmakers as famous as “Bet365” and “FanDuel Sportsbook” also collapsed by maintaining the Dominican Republic as the invincible favorite of the classic.

The matchup between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic was touted as the tournament’s biggest game to date, with both teams expected to give their fans and the world high-quality competition before the Major League Baseball (MLB) regular season begins. ) The first of April.

After the game, a deathly silence was felt in all sectors of Upper Manhattan (Washington Heights), the New York neighborhood with the largest Dominican population in the world, preceded by mixed comments and mixed feelings.

In the state, the Fox Deportes network showed children wearing T-shirts displaying the flags of the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico and the legend “50-50”, half Dominican, half Puerto Rican.



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