DR does not understand why “it has taken so long” to help Haiti.


The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic, Roberto Álvarez, complained to the international community about the lack of interest and action to solve the generalized crisis that Haiti is experiencing.


During his participation in a United Nations Security Council meeting, Álvarez reiterated the need for the organization to start taking action to solve the “tragedy” that affects millions of Haitians and the Dominican Republic.


“Being so catastrophic, this situation has not yet managed to move or sensitize those who must make the final decisions in support of Haitians.”

In this sense, he said he did not understand why “it has taken so long” for the body in question to do what is necessary to comply with the claimed aid requested by Haiti and exemplified by citing other initiatives from countries in crisis for which international assistance has not had to travel “such a winding road.”

Given this, he questioned: “To be honest, we are inclined to think about the possibility that, as some say, countries receive care based on a differentiating stratification.”

“The responses continue to be inadequate to help the Haitian people to recover minimum levels of normality,” he said.

He specified that measures are needed to stop the security focus definitively and that they know how it works and how it operates, citing a United Nations report that indicates an exponential increase in weapons, bullets, and drugs in Haiti.

He also pointed out that when a State cannot protect its people properly, it is the international community’s responsibility to help resolve the situation.

“In the case of Haiti, its authorities have repeatedly requested a special support force from the National Police, something that is urgent in light of what continues to happen in Haiti.”

“We have said it in the past, and we reiterate it today, the situation in Port-au-Prince is comparable to an internal armed conflict… in fact, we are witnessing today the dissolution of the Haitian State; the case at hand does not require further evidence.

He claimed that the Security Council cannot ignore the claim.



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