Dr. Yomare Polanco is recognized as a “Hero of the Homeland” for his dedication to the diaspora during the COVID-19 pandemic.


INWOOD, New York: With the presence of the highest authorities of New York City, including Mayor Eric Adams, Congressman Adriano Espaillat, and Dominican Consul Eligio Jáquez, the Dominican scientist Yomare Polanco was recognized here. In addition, the president of the National Directorate for Drug Control, Vice Admiral José Manuel Cabrera Ulloa (ARD), attended.


As known to all, Doctor Polanco was declared a “Hero of the Homeland,” for which he was given the Dominican flag, the highest symbol of Dominicanness.


Similarly, the CEO of the Guardian Drug Company, maker of Tylenol, Peptobismol, Benadryl, Mylanta, Malox, Milk of Magnesia, Tums-Antacid, Fibrasin, Tusnex, Robitussin, Muccinex and many more, received a plaque for “Patriotic Courage.”

“When they told me that they named you a living hero of the homeland and when I asked why because I had not participated in any war yet, thank God, they told me no, that it was because of the war against the pandemic, where we invented the Band of Polanco, who goes around with all his musicians playing bachata, merengue, salsa and bolero because we did it to encourage people while he was at home, locked up confined by the pandemic that he couldn’t get out, so we told them that we brought joy to all these people from here, there and the world through the screen with the Polanco Band,” said Yomare Polanco at the time he received the important award.

“In addition, we were lucky to give away and deliver many masks and many gloves, because there were none on the market and we could get it since we have been in the health industry for more than 40 years. suppliers were able to be hired and delivered to taxi drivers who needed them so badly,” he said.

“Based on the privilege of being involved in the pharmaceutical business and belonging to the largest manufacturer in the country, “Guardian Drug Company,” producer of non-prescription medicines, products that became essential during the development of the COVID-19 pandemic”, Yomare Polanco said to add later: “we also created a line of legal professionals, lawyers, so that all those people who had lost a family member or did not know about their loved ones who had been admitted to a hospital and had not heard from them again. of them, because there were many cases in which people sometimes died in hospitals and their relatives at home did not know it. They put them in vans; that was the world, and we contributed a lot so that these desperate people could be located by their relatives, helping them get them out of the morgue,” he explained.

“We also created a line of psychologists and doctors who could call at any time to see if they had traumas because their relatives were sick or they were desperate because they had been taken off the respirator; there were so many calamities the world went through,” continued Dr. Yomare Polanco.

The two recognitions were delivered to Dr. Yomare Polanco during the traditional event “Viva La Patria” within the framework of the 179th anniversary of Dominican Independence.

The activity took place at 809 Lounge in Upper Manhattan and was attended by numerous elected officials, community, and business leaders, as well as members of the press. The artists Raúl Acosta & Oro Sólido, FRANDY Sax, Chicho Severino, and Carlos Méndez were in charge of entertaining the national holiday.

“Viva La Patria,” the best of Dominicanness, was broadcast live on TV-QuisqueyaHD, the channel that already covers the entire territory of the United States.

The event is organized annually by Félix Jerez, Elida Almonte, Michael Peralta, and Cirilo Moronta.



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