Ecuadorian Parliament notifies Guillermo Lasso about impeachment.


Quito: The Oversight Commission of the National Assembly (Parliament) of Ecuador notified this Thursday (04.06.2023) the president of the country, the conservative Guillermo Lasso, with the request for a political trial against him requested by the opposition, which accused of alleged embezzlement (embezzlement) in public companies.

On his Twitter profile, the President of the Control Commission, Fernando Villavicencio, showed a document in which President Lasso was notified and appointed the lawyer Edgar Neira Orellana to defend him.
The President and his defense will have ten days to present the exculpatory evidence, which will be incorporated into the process of preparing a report from the Oversight Commission, in which it must recommend or not continue with the trial, which, if approved, will go to the court. Plenary session of the Assembly.
Lasso pleaded “not guilty.”

The possibility of a political trial of censorship has already been admitted by the Constitutional Court, the highest control body of the country’s Magna Carta, which accepted the charge of embezzlement against Lasso. However, it rejected the authority of concussion, for which the opposition also requested the impeachment of the President.
To criticize the head of state, at least 92 votes are required, equivalent to two-thirds of the National Assembly and 137 legislators.


President Lasso, in a public message issued last week, declared himself “not guilty” of the accusations made against him by the opposition and assured that, for him, this political trial “smells very bad.”


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