Esmeralda Richiez was the object of violent sexual activity, according to Inacif’s analysis.


Teenager Esmeralda Richiez was subjected to violent sexual activity, which caused her to bleed. This caused her heart to be unable to pump enough blood to her body until it caused her death.

This is specified by the studies to which the minor’s body was subjected at the National Institute of Forensic Sciences (Inacif).
At first, Esmeralda’s relatives reported that the minor was given abortion pills, which caused her to bleed. However, the autopsy indicates that the adolescent was subjected to violent sexual activity that triggered hypovolemic shock.
Regarding the case, the investigation indicates that on the night of February 12, the adolescent left the house where she lived with her parents in Vista Alegre, Higüey. She did so in the company of the teacher, as well as the teacher’s cousin, Morillo Martínez, and three other underage students.

She refers that when she returned to her home, around midnight, the young woman arrived pale and bleeding. Her parents helped her, and she stayed in her room.
The teenager’s parents found the minor lifeless in the bathroom of her residence the next day.


As soon as the teenager’s death was known, Professor John Kelly Martínez turned himself into the Police. Later he was arrested.

The Public Prosecutor filed today with the Judicial Office of Permanent Attention Services of Higüey the request for a measure of coercion against the professor and his cousin.

The Prosecutor’s Office requested 12 months of preventive detention against Professor John Kelly Martínez, the main defendant, while against Rubiel Morrillo Martínez, he requested the imposition of periodic presentation.


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