Esteban Cabrera, a Latin consultant for American Values 2024 Super Pac, affirmed that RFK Jr. is growing in the polls.


New York: The Latin consultant for American Values 2024 Super Pac, Esteban Cabrera, stated that RFK Jr. is experiencing exponential growth in all polls. During an interview on the television program “Levántate New York,” Cabrera was asked about the growth of the independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign. Esteban Cabrera responded:

“I send a big hug to all of you. For example, let’s focus on the best answer I can give to that question: if we look at the most recent MSNBC poll that came out just last night, it presents three scenarios. This would be the best answer I can give you to that question. In one scenario, Kennedy appears with 34%, Biden with 30%, and Trump with 29%. In a second scenario, Kennedy has 34%, Biden 30%, and Trump 29%. In a third scenario, Kennedy is presented with 22%, Biden with 39%, and Trump with 36%,” said Cabrera.

“These numbers tell you that a candidate who only declared independence on October 9th in Philadelphia and, from October 9th to the present, November 10th, is in parity with the two main candidates of the parties that will face him in 2024. It means things look excellent for this candidate, attracting many leaders and followers from Democratic and Republican platforms. Regardless, independents in the United States are rallying, joining this clear concept that Kennedy has of bringing well-being back to the United States.”

When questioned about the potential failure of Kennedy’s independent project and the existence of a Plan B for the candidacy in case of disqualification, Cabrera responded:

“Very well, excellent question, an excellent question, but history is not linear. History is written by the events that happen daily, second by second. So, in a scenario like the one you’re suggesting, I think it would be a better idea to see the numbers I just told you about how the candidate is positioned in less than a month, 30 days, how a candidate is positioning against the leadership of Trump and Biden. Regarding Plan B, we have only one plan: to take Kennedy to climb the steps of the White House in 2024. We are not considering Plan B or C; we have only one plan: to bring this new concept of governing in the United States and to have Robert Kennedy as the elected president in 2024. Those are the only plans that American Values 2024 Super Pac has,” clarified Esteban Cabrera.

“The Kennedy campaign aims to present this new proposal to American society and break away from the services of the establishment that has left American citizens fed up with corruption, for example, in the Democratic National Committee, with the parallel government that makes significant decisions against the values of the American people.

Mr. Cabrera, what are the biggest obstacles for the Kennedy candidate in the remaining almost one year before the 2024 elections?

“I see that the biggest obstacles are presenting a new candidate, but what might appear to be a significant obstacle in Kennedy’s case, due to the surname he carries or the similarity to his uncle, President John F. Kennedy, his father, Senator Robert Kennedy, becomes an unbeatable strength. Even though his face is becoming known, he has an enormous track record as a lawyer, environmentalist, fighter, and critic of the vices of American society and the American establishment. So, what might seem like a weakness for him becomes an invincible strength because just mentioning the Kennedy name makes you revalue everything. You feel connected to him through the history of both his father, who was assassinated in the pursuit of American values, and his uncle as well. This means that, as always, you know that a political project must be worked hard annually; you must sell the candidate and position the candidate, but thankfully, we are doing it with surprising success. The teams organizing Robert Kennedy’s campaign nationally in the United States are impressive. We are entering the stage of collecting signatures very soon so that the candidate, even if independent, can appear on the ballots in all 50 states. This means we are doing well, overcoming any obstacles. We also have a corrupt, bought-and-sold press that is part of the establishment, but now Kennedy is news. No one can deny that it’s impressive news,” concluded Esteban Cabrera, the Latin consultant for American Values 2024 Super Pac.



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