Executive president of Banco Popular affirms Luis Abinader has worked rigorously and tirelessly to promote the development and sustainability of the country.


Santo Domingo.-  The executive president of Banco Popular, Christopher Paniagua, stated this Tuesday that  President Luis Abinader has worked rigorously and tirelessly to promote the development and sustainability of the country.


During the inauguration of the Velazcas park, headed by  President Abinader and the mayor of the National District,  Carolina Mejía, Paniagua thanked the president for his attitude of dialogue with all sectors to face and overcome current challenges.


“We appreciate your conviction that public-private partnerships are of vital importance for the well-being of our people. This joint work that the president has encouraged makes a big difference,” he said. 

He added: “And we thank and appreciate your efforts to maintain macroeconomic stability, international leadership and social peace in our country.” She also accompanied President Abinader First Lady Raquel Arbaje during the event.

The renovation of the Velazcas Park on the 30 de Mayo highway, a project that will benefit more than 20,000 residents around the park, had an investment of  RD 25 million.

The delivery of the work on this park strengthens with actions the commitment of the Mayor’s Office and the Government to the community, promoting a  healthy and safe environment in the National District while highlighting the importance of public-private alliances as an effective vehicle for the sustainable development of the Dominican Republic.

Projects that benefit the community

For her part,  Mayor Carolina Mejía thanked the executives of Banco Popular for supporting these projects that benefited the community and recalled that the “Parque para Todos” initiative was born during a meeting with Christopher Paniagua, executive president of Banco Popular.

Mejía highlighted that this park, which is the  155th delivered during these three years of management, is a place of healthy recreation and a symbol of dedication to improving the city’s inhabitants’ quality of life.

“This Velazcas park is more than a green space; it is a testimony of what we can achieve when we work together. In that collective effort, I want to recognize the central government in the person of President Abinader because we always work hand in hand so that these works in the city are a reality. In the same way to the institutions that have collaborated here,” the mayor pointed out.

Meanwhile, the president of the neighborhood council,  Heriberta Fernández, thanked Mayor Carolina Mejía and Banco Popular for making this space requested by the community members a reality for more than 25 years.

“With the public-private collaboration agreements, it was possible for the presidency of the Republic, the Dominican Popular Bank and the Mayor’s Office of the National District to plan and work on the construction of the Velazcasas park,” said the president of the Board of Directors. Neighbors.



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