Faced with threats, they move Miriam Germán and her son to a secret place


SANTO DOMINGO.- The Attorney General of the Republic, Miriam Germán Brito, moved to a more secure residence due to death threats from an alleged leader of a drug trafficking network that operates mainly in the Cibao region.


A source linked to the investigation explained to Listín Diario that the Magistrate was relocated to another area with greater surveillance.


The authorities pointed to Joel Ambioris Pimentel García, alias “La J,” as the person who threatened the Attorney General.

Germán Brito confirmed on the 6th that he received threats directly against his son from someone who warned them not to touch his people in prison.

“What affected me was someone who sent me something on WhatsApp saying that if they touched his people in jail it would be resolved with blood, saying that they could kill my son,” revealed the Attorney General.

“La J,” who resides in Spain, allegedly controls the new prison system in the Dominican Republic at a criminal level.


Foreign Minister Roberto Álvarez said that he is negotiating with the government of Spain to repatriate “La J.”

“Obviously we are in talks with the government of Spain, but it is an issue that we cannot talk about,” said the foreign minister upon leaving the Business Future of Americas Conference, organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in the Dominican Republic (AmchamDR).

Pimentel García was deported from the United States after serving a sentence for drug trafficking.

As a Dominican, he traveled to Colombia with a Colombian identity to Spain, where he resided.

Investigations link him to dozens of violent deaths in several northern provinces of the Dominican Republic.

Early Tuesday morning, the Public Ministry, the National Directorate for Drug Control (DNCD), and the National Police carried out several raids on Santiago, San Cristóbal, Hermanas Mirabal, Duarte, and La Vega in search of more evidence and possible accomplices of “La J.”



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