Father Rogelio reiterates harsh criticism of Leonel, warning that it would be an “unfortunate misfortune” for the DR if he governs again.


By Miguel Cruz Tejada


NEW YORK._ Father Rogelio Cruz reiterated his harsh criticism of former President Leonel Fernández during an interview from the Dominican Republic on the program “Tal y Como Es” that is broadcast on Mondays by Vía Láctea Media on YouTube hosted by the communicators Miguel Estrella and Arelis Mejía.


The religious leader, who clarified that he has no commitment or affiliation with any political party but with the people, warned that Leonel would be an “unfortunate misfortune” for the people if he governed the Dominican Republic again.

“We know what has happened in the last 20 years in the country’s political history, especially with the people of the PLD, who took over the country, stole the country, the problem is that Leonel has been in both projects, and the new one, which is not Fuerza del Pueblo because that was stolen from us by the Green March, is more of the same and I believe that this turn backwards is more of the same and it would be the greatest misfortune that could happen to all of us us,” added the priest.
In October 2022, the priest began to bitterly confront Leonel when the former president said that he wanted to hurt his seriousness.

“How serious of what, when has Leonel been serious? Because one knows the story of Leonel Fernández, Leonel comes from the Villa Juana neighborhood and end up like he did, with the money he has and put this country into what he wanted him to? he got in, because he turned it into a narco-state country. Everybody knows that,” the father said at the time.

“The contract with Barry Gold of 97 for them and 3%, what does that mean, how serious can Leonel talk about,” he added.
“What happens is that he (Leonel) knows that he is out of power and he liked power too much,” he said.

“It seems to me that his party is an obsolete model, the parties are companies and Leonel has money to distribute it to the people and since it is not a project to have a better country, but for private interests, even more so,” he said.
He said the Dominican people need the education to prepare for or respond to a corrupt system.

“It is a pity, a disgrace, and I put more: it is a disgraceful misfortune. Sooner or later, the United States will take Leonel away, and the people will know who he is. “The worst thing that could happen to us as a nation and as a country is to fall into that man’s hands,” he added.

“The parties are companies with projects to benefit their groups and what matters least to them is the well-being of the country,” he said.
“The disciples of Professor Juan Bosch ended up being the people who have done the most damage to this country, and not only more damage, but when you hear one of them saying that he has money to do in 40 little countries like this, it means that the party system collapsed and those are private interests,” said the priest.



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