Father saves his son’s life by covering him with his body after an earthquake in Turkey.


“After rescuing the father’s lifeless body, the minor opened his eyes in an unexpected breath of life.”

The earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria this week has claimed the lives of more than 24,500 people to date. Different organizations worldwide have come to the scene of the tragedy to lend their help and save lives under the rubble before it is too late.

Social networks have served to learn about these miracles of life; from pets, newborn babies, and people who have managed to survive these days in the darkness of tragedy, we have learned how life has given these people a second chance. This is the case of a father and son who were rescued by rescue elements in recent days.


The images have been shared on social networks and have left a heartbreaking message, as we can see the lifeless body of a father who saved his son’s life during the earthquake by protecting him with it. The rescuers, realizing that there was a small body under the lifeless man, pulled him out of the rubble; instantly, the boy opened his eyes.

When the minor shows signs of life, the people around him do not hesitate to seek help to rescue the child quickly. With a cry of “Allah is great!”, the child is taken to a place for doctors to help him.

Twitter user @Utopiarealvane was in charge of posting the full video. In the post, he mentions that Tiktok deleted the entire video before the whole world knew the facts due to the strength of the images. She points out that in the comments of the original publication, the child would have survived alone and not because of his father’s sacrifice.


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