Fenatrano demands this time that those responsible for ordering the death of three drivers be jailed


The Fourth Collegiate Court of the National District began today the reading of the trial against the driver leader Arsenio Quevedo and the former councilor of Pedro Brand Ericson de los Santos, against whom the Supreme Court of Justice ordered a new trial to be held for allegedly orchestrating the murder of drivers affiliated with Fenatrano, an event that occurred in 2015.

While inside the Ciudad Nueva Palace of Justice, the accusation was read in the new trial against Arsenio Quevedo and former councilor Ericson de los Santos, outside the building dozens of members of the National Transportation Federation La Nueva Opción, Fenatrano, and relatives of the victims, they demand from the judges that this time justice can be done.
While the lawyer for former councilor Ericson de los Santos, Plutarco Jáquez, assured that the new evidence deposited by the Public Ministry will not be enough to change what was already dictated in 2018.
On March 14, 2018, Arsenio Quevedo and Ericson de los Santos were released by the judges of the Second Collegiate Court of the National District, who based their decision on a lack of evidence, while former Police officer Amaurys Cabrera was sentenced to 30 years in prison in the prison of La Victoria and Danilo Octavio Reynoso, in Najayo, San Cristóbal.

However, on February 20, 2020, the First Chamber of Appeals Court of the National District accepted the request of the Public Ministry, annulling the decision and ordering a new trial against the defendants Quevedo and Ericson.



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