Francisco Javier affirms there are better times to discuss alliances and suggests that the parties develop their potential.


By Miguel Cruz Tejada

NEW YORK._ The national campaign coordinator of the PLD and its presidential candidate Abel Martínez, Francisco Javier García, affirmed yesterday Wednesday that this is not the moment to discuss alliances; he suggested that the political parties develop their potential and that the party will talk about the matter When the moment comes.

At a press conference at the 809 lounge restaurant in Upper Manhattan, García, who was Minister of Tourism in the governments of Leonel Fernández and Danilo Medina and general coordinator of various campaigns for his party, said that “when it comes to talking about alliances Let’s talk about alliances.”


Asked by this reporter if there is a possibility that the PLD ally with Fernández and the Fuerza del Pueblo (FP) party, he evaded the question by answering that it must be said that the PLD is the party that has historically made the greatest alliances.

“But never, absolutely never, have we gone ahead on the issue of alliances,” he added and said that now the PLD is in the process of strengthening the party, knowledge, the work of the presidential candidate and that all the Compañeros who aspire to be senators, deputies, mayors, councilors, district directors and deputies, who express their wishes and go out into the streets to aspire to be the polls that are going to be carried out in the PLD so that they say they will be the candidates in 2024.

Questioned about rumors and publications on social networks about a possible alliance with Leonel, he stressed that “at this time we have not talked about any of that.”
He maintained that when the time came, “there we are going to say if there is a possibility or not.”

I have stressed that “we are not ahead of events.”
He indicated that the first things to see for the qualities of an alliance are the candidacies and the needs of that alliance, and “until you develop your full potential, you cannot speak for or against.”

The former Minister of Tourism arrived in New York accompanied by a delegation made up of Alexis Lantigua, head of the Secretariat for Dominicans Abroad, Johnny Pujols, in charge of Abel’s agenda, Robert de la Cruz, member of the Advisory Committee of the Political Committee (CP ) and Ramón Rivas, president of the PLD in Circumscription #1 of the National District.

At the press conference, Garcia was joined by dozens of leaders from the PLD chapters in New York and New Jersey, chaired by Francisco Cortorreal (Frank) and Marcos Montilla (El Pulpo MM).

Baltasar Figuereo, former vice consul and high state leader of the PLD in New York, led the meeting with the journalists.

Also present were the engineer Miguel Suriel, the businessman William Schuwerer, the candidate for deputy abroad Luis Lithgow, Francisco Fernández, Luis Padilla, María Bello, Gregorio Malena, Nelson Collado, Pedro P. Zorilla, Rafael González, Víctor Comprés, Emiliano Pérez Espinoza, Félix Francisco, Joel Martínez, Carmen Dean, Elizabeth Fernández, Marcos Montilla, Juan Aquino, Rony Martínez, Juan Simé, and Antonio Ayala.

The president of the PLD in Massachusetts, Ana Gratereaux, the leader of that state Francisco Lizardo, and David Cordero from New York excused their absences from the activity.

Luis Encarnación, the general coordinator of the external sector Abel 2024, was also present.

Suriel and Schuwerer highlighted the organization and massive attendance at the conference, ensuring that the event suggested that Abel would be the next president of the Dominican Republic in 2024.


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