Gang leader Trinitarios is sentenced to life in prison in connection with three killings in New York City. 


 Bronx, New York:


According to authorities, a Trinitarios gang commander who had authorized the murder of two teenagers was given a life sentence on Tuesday.


From at least 2010 until 2019, Ediberto Santana oversaw the Sunset set of the gang, according to US Attorney Damian Williams. During that period, he authorized violent activities that resulted in the murders of Rafael Alam, 22, Michael Beltre, 17, and Dennis Marquez, 16 years old.

Williams added, “We hope that today’s sentencing provides some closure and justice for them. While nothing can make the families and communities of Dennis Marquez, Michael Beltre, and Rafael Alam, nothing can make them whole. We are dedicated to stopping gang violence in our neighborhoods and holding those responsible for it accountable.

Prosecutors in the Bronx earlier claimed that Marquez was killed by a knife on March 13, 2022, just months after he immigrated to the Dominican Republic from the United States. When the teenager attempted to leave a house party that day, Trinitarios members stopped him.
They enquired as to Marquez’s gang affiliation. Authorities said Marquez, who had no partnership with a group, attempted to flee. He was jumped and fatally stabbed by Trinitarios partygoers.

The 33-year-old Santana pleaded guilty to one count of racketeering conspiracy with murder as a specific sentencing consideration. According to the prosecution, gang members engaged in a “near-constant stream of violent crime” for several years while under his direction.
“While nothing can make the families and communities of Dennis Marquez, Michael Beltre and Rafael Alam whole, we hope today’s sentencing is a measure of closure and justice for them,” Williams said. “We are committed to addressing gang violence in our communities and holding accountable those who instigate such violence.”

Márquez was stabbed to death on March 13, 2011, just months after moving from the Dominican Republic to the US, prosecutors in the Bronx previously said. The teenager was detained by members of the “Trinitarios” gang when he tried to leave a house party that day. They attacked him and stabbed him to death. Beltre and Alam died in the fall of 2013.

Santana and the “Trinitarios” were also linked to the notorious case of Lesandro “Junior” Guzmán Feliz, a fifteen-year-old murdered “by mistake” when a group attacked him with a knife and machete in a warehouse in the Bronx in 2018.



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